Shaggy Mane, otherwise known as "The Giver of Names"

Toad Speak is the term used when referring to the peculiar vocabulary the toadlets and many of the animals in the forest use in order to identify foreign objects or explain complicated concepts. Some words may differ from animal to animal.

Among the Toad PatrolShaggy Mane is known as "The Giver of Names".[1] He is responsible for naming the new things the team encounters, including animals and areas they visit.

Below is a list (in alphabetical order) of Toad Speak used in the series.


The following descriptions follow this pattern:

Word: definition. (see also: related word, words)

Terms followed by an * are names given or first spoken by Shaggy Mane.


  • Ancient: theoretically an old and wise toad. The Ancients are very elusive and have seemingly disappeared from the Great Forest, leaving certain of their remnants behind. (see also: Castle of the Ancients, Temple of Bufonidae)
  • Bad wet: water that has been poisoned, possibly by oil or another substance lethal to toadlets. (see also: stomper poison)
  • Big black trail: a man-made road.* (see also: rumble crusher)
  • Big blue: the sky.*
  • Big climb: a cliff, more precisely the one the toadlets need to scale in order to reach the Castle of the Ancients.
  • Big crackle: a large fire. (see also: black puffcracklecrakle stick, forest crackle)
  • Black puff: smoke, usually caused by a fire. (see also: big crackle, crackle, crackle stick, forest crakle)
  • Blue glow: blue crystal of unknown origin, found in the Crystal Caverns. (see also: red glow)
  • Chilly wet: cold water. (see also: thick wet)
  • Coil: a thin vine, one that can be used as a rope. Shaggy Mane always has one strapped around his chest and shoulder.
  • Crackle: a little patch of fire, sparks or embers. When refering to a crackle inside someone's head, it usually designates a fever.* (see also: black puffbig craklecrakle stick, forest crackle)
  • Crackle stick: a piece of burnt wood, or charcoal. (see also: black puffbig crackle, crackle, forest crackle, pathfind)
  • Deep wet (alt.: big wet): a deep puddle, pond or lake. (see also: wet, wet drop)
  • Fairy Ring: a portal that allows passage to Toad Hollow. (see also: Toad Hollow, Toadstool)
  • Floater: an item that floats on water, usually a raft.
  • Forest crackle: a forest fire. (see also: black puffbig crackle, crackle, crackle stick)
  • Haven: a safe place where the toadlets can rest, usually a hole under a tree root or a cavern.
  • Hook: an animal claw that Fur Foot uses as a tool in many different ways.
  • Hop: a step.
  • Lifter: a makeshift way to get to a high place or to lift something, usually via a vine.
  • Light crack (alt.: sky crackle): a term used for lightning.
  • Night terrors: term used to describe nightmares.
  • Pathfind: a map, usually scribbled on bark with a piece of charcoal. Slippery Jack can make them. (see also: crakle stick)
  • Pink gotcha: a pink bucket.* (see also: toadlet scoop)
  • Pointer: Panther Cap's acorn, which can be used to pinpoint the location of the nearest Thunder Tree.* (see also: Thunder Tree)
  • Prickle bush: an alternate term for a thorn bush. Can also describe someone who's in a bad mood.*
  • Red glow: red crystal of unknown origin, found in the Crystal Caverns. If held, they enhance the negative feelings of the bearer. They melt in water.* (see also: blue glow)
  • Rumble crusher: a car or other motorised vehicle the humans use.* (see also: big black trail)
  • See-all: a spyglass that Oyster made out of a hollow reed and two blue crystals. (see also: blue glows)
  • Shine: can mean light, or more specifically firefly dust. Mostly used by Beauty Stem to light dark areas.
  • Silver ball: the moon.
  • Slippy slide: a water toboggan in Toad Hallow.
  • Smelly: all types of flowers.
  • Sparkles: the stars.
  • Stomper poison: a substance used by humans that is lethal to toadlets, like oil. (see also: bad wet)
  • Stomper stomp: a human footprint.* (see also: stomper)
  • Strumalong: the equivalent of a banjo, an instrument that Earth Star always keeps close. It is also one of the three instruments of the Ancients. (see also: thicksickletooter)
  • Talking wet (alt.: secret talking wet): a magical pond that allows one to see the past and the near future. Its guardian, Newt, believes it was made by the Ancients.
  • Thick white: a term for snow.
  • Thick wet: a term for a frozen body of water, usually a pond or a lake. (see also: chilly wet)
  • Thicksickle: an icicle, more precisely the ones located in the Castle of the Ancients. They form one of the three ancient instruments. (see also: strumalongtooter)
  • Thunder stick: a stick that originates from a Thunder Tree. Puff Ball owns one shaped like a hammer. (see also: Thunder Tree)
  • Thunder Tree: a tree that was once struck with lightning. They are a key element for the toadlets in reaching Toad Hollow. (see also: pointerThunder Stick)
  • Toad Patrol: name that the main toadlets use to designate their group.
  • Toad Scratches: drawings on cavern walls or trees, usually made by the Ancients. They most often illustrate toad history. (see also: Ancient)
  • Toad Tunnel: a tunnel that permits toads to cross roads safely. Tunnel Toads usually patrol them. (see also: Tunnel Toad)
  • Toadstool: the transformed state of a toadlet who failed to reach the Fairy Ring. (see also: Fairy Ring)
  • Tooter: an instrument similar to the penny whistle that Elf Cup carries around. Another giant tooter exists in the forest, and is one of the three ancient instruments. (see also: strumalong, thicksickle)
  • Tunnel Toad: an adult toad that patrols Toad Tunnels and helps animals cross roads safely. (see also: Toad Tunnel)
  • Wet: water, usually rain or a shallow pond. (see also: big wet, wet drop)
  • Wet drop: a waterfall. (see also: big wetwet)
  • Yellow ball (alt.: big yellow ball): the sun.


  • Buzzer: a bee.*
  • Finder: term used to describe a squirrel who likes to find and collect objects.
  • Flat swimmer: every kind of fish.*
  • Green Eyes: a fox predator that the Toad Patrol encounters more than once.
  • Honker: a variant of quacker, refers to a goose, most specifically Artie.
  • Quacker: birds who can swim, mostly ducks. The term was coined by Barnaby.
  • Smell tail: term specific to the skunk, most specifically Cleopatra.*
  • Stomper: all humans.* (see also: stomper stomp)
  • Toadlet: a juvenile toad, set between the tadpole and the toad phase.
  • Wind rider: all birds that fly in the sky, like Medea or Hera.*
  • Woofer: term specific to the dog.*

Locations and areas

  • Castle of the Ancients: an ancient rock and ice fortress that used to be the home of the Ancients. One of the three ancient instruments is located there. (see also: AncientTemple of BufonidaeThicksickleTooter
  • Temple of Bufonidae: an ancient temple of the Ancients located inside a Thunder Tree. It is the home of Belisarius the bat. (see also: Ancient, Castle of the AncientsThunder Tree)
  • The Stay Away Place: a desolate area near a crevasse with dead trees and a dark bush. This is where Earth Star and his group turned into Toadstools.* (see also: Toadstool)
  • Toad Hollow: the destination of the toad Great Migration, a paradise for toads with no predators or diseases. (see also: Fairy Ring)

Expressions and other words

  • Bouncy thoughts: another term for "happy thoughts."
  • For the love of Toad Hollow: alternate term of "for the love of Pete," an expression of embarrassment or disbelief.
  • Hop to it: term used mostly by Fur Foot, meaning to move forward, to keep going.
  • It's been a slice: same as "it's been fun" or "it's been a pleasure", said only once by the twin mice Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
  • Leaptoad: same as leapfrog, a game where the point is to jump over another toad.
  • Mole Hole: expression said by Digger, used when feeling exasperated or cornered.
  • Mighty Thunder: expression used by Mistle Toad, usually in amazement or surpsie.
  • Scramble (alt.: toad scramble): term used mostly by Fur Foot, meaning to split up and/or separate, or to run and/or flee. (see also: Toadsplit)
  • Tad: equivalent of lad.
  • Toad leap: term used when all the toadlets of the Toad Patrol hold hands and jump together, usually in a leap of faith.
  • Toadlet scoop: the action of toadlets being abducted, usually by a human. (see also: pink gotcha)
  • Toadsplat: alternative term that refers to someone dying or getting injured, usually after a long fall or after being crushed.
  • Toadsplit: term used mostly by Fur Foot, meaning to split up, separate. (see also: Scramble)
  • Toadonimo: equivalent of Geronimo, shout usually delivered before doing a stunt.
  • Toadwow (alt.: double toadwow, triple toadwow): an exclamation of beauty, excitement or amazement.
  • Toady Tidily: shout of excitement, said by Beauty Stem once.
  • Worry-worm: equivalent of "scaredy-cat," a term Oyster uses to tease Slippery Jack.


  • Despite Shaggy Mane agreeing to find a better name than "smell tail" for Cleopatra the skunk,[1] he has yet to say the alternative onscreen.


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