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Welcome one and all to the Toad Patrol Wiki, a site dedicated to the TV series Toad Patrol. Find here all the information you need on this wonderful cartoon and anything related to it. This wiki aims to offer you the best source of info regarding Toad Patrol.

What is Toad Patrol and why a wiki?

Toad Patrol is a 1999 cartoon that tells the story of eight toadlets on their quest to find the Fairy Ring to Toad Hollow before the end of the migration season, or else they will all be transformed into lifeless Toadstools. Along the journey, the brothers and sisters learn to rely on each other and how to survive the hardships of their native forest. After gaining maturity and discovering many secrets about the Ancients, the toadlets' quest extends considerably; only them are courageous and resourceful enough to attempt the unthinkable and save those who have failed to reach Toad Hollow before them.

Although the series was short-lived (only lasting two seasons), Toad Patrol still garnered a lot of attention and even has somewhat of a cult following still remaining today. However, clear and concise information on the series is difficult to come by, hence why this wiki was created. Hopefully, this wiki will reach the standards expected from it and help many fans rekindle with a great cartoon.

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Please visit the Community Portal to get a crash course in wiki editing and/or see what is needed (stubs, orphans, requests...). All contributions are welcome as long as they follow the guidelines. This is to ensure the quality of the wiki and provide visitors with the most accurate information.

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