The entire Toad Patrol with Mistle Toad (elder) and Earth Star (far right)

It's like we're a Toad Patrol!

— Oyster, "One for All"

The Toad Patrol is the name that the main characters of the series adopt for their little troop. When meeting new characters, they introduce themselves as the Toad Patrol.


The term was first mentioned by Oyster in the very first episode, titled "One for All". She refers to her siblings and herself as the "Toad Patrol" after Fur Foot suggests pretending they're all searching for lost toadlets while marching through the forest. Although Oyster mainly throws it out there for fun, Beauty Stem quickly picks up on the term and encourages everyone to sing a marching song reflecting their newly found name. Since then, they have referred to themselves as the Toad Patrol and sung marching songs featuring their name.


The Toad Patrol primarily consists of eight toadlets, the main characters of the series:

Fur Foot the leader. He's the eldest of the toadlets and has the task of leading the Toad Patrol safely to Toad Hollow. Full of courage, he never hesitates to leap into action, especially if one of his siblings is in danger. He would never leave anyone behind under any circumstance.

Beauty Stem the healer. She's the second oldest of the Toad Patrol and acts as a mother figure to most of the younger toadlets. She constantly looks after everyone, giving them advice and singing them songs with her enchanting voice. She becomes a healer later on in the series.

Elf Cup the musician. She's the third oldest of the toadlets, but certainly doesn't act much like it. Adventurous and wild, she has the habit of getting into trouble and pushing others to get things done her way. She does, however, mature as the story progresses. She also has an interest in music and often plays of her instrument.

Shaggy Mane the poet. He's the fourth oldest of the Toad Patrol and the most creative. He often comes up with little poems of his own and gives names to everything foreign the group encounters on their adventure. Despite being a daredevil, he's also a bit of a klutz and has the habit of accidentally getting himself and others into trouble.

Puff Ball the heavyweight. He's the third youngest of the toadlets, but the third in command thanks to his maturity. Because of his stronger built, he's considered the muscle of the Toad Patrol and usually handles the heavy lifting. He often teases his siblings with sarcasm, but loves them all the same.

Oyster the lookout. She's the second youngest along with her twin brother Slippery Jack. She's very active and witty, and is always up for a little fun whenever possible. Thanks to her hand-crafted telescope and quick reflexes, she makes a very useful lookout despite doubting her own abilities.

Slippery Jack the map maker. He's the second youngest along with his twin sister Oyster. He's the brain of the group, always looking for several solutions to a problem before going into action. He's also talented in drawing, a skill he uses to create maps and sketch out plans.

Panther Cap the telepath. He's the youngest member of the Toad Patrol, but arguably the one with the most power. He's the only toadlet who can hear the Thunder Trees, and as such is the only one who can properly guide his siblings to the Fairy Ring. Because of his young age, he is very naive and fearful, but slowly overcomes his fears as the series progresses.

Honorary Members

Although technically not a full-fledged Toad Patrol member, Earth Star the wandering minstrel can easily be considered an honorary member of the troop. He helps the Toad Patrol on many occasions and even joins them on their travels from time to time. He enjoys the company of the toadlets and gladly shares his songs with them.

In the episode "Trapped," another character becomes an honorary member of the Toad Patrol: Digger the mole. He is awarded the status by Panther Cap after he helps the toadlets escape Erebus. Although he was originally the one who got them in trouble, Digger reforms and earns the gratitude of the Toad Patrol. However, he doesn't accompany the group for the rest of their journey and instead goes on his own merry way at the end of the episode.


  • Since they are siblings, all the members of the Toad Patrol share the same eye colour.
  • The term "toad patrol" comes from the same name given to groups of volunteers around the world who help toads get across roads or dangerous paths during the toad migratory season.[1]


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