Toad Hollow 1

Oyster and Slippery Jack in Toad Hollow

The fabled Toad Hollow is a safe haven for all the toads of the Great Forest. Each year, new toadlets have to set out on a journey to find the Fairy Ring, the only means to reach this legendary destination. However, if they fail to do so before the end of the warm season, the toadlets will turn to Toadstools.


Although Toad Hollow is never actually seen in the first season, Mistle Toad describes it as "A world safe of danger, a home for every toad and toadlet."[1] There are no diseases or predators in the Hollow, and it is further said that everything there is fun, making it a real paradise for toads.[2]

Inside Toad Hollow 

Toad Hollow toads

Many toads live in Toad Hollow

At the beginning of the second season, Toad Hollow is finally seen for the very first time.[2] It is pictured as a wide, grassy plain with a thriving vegetation composed of many different kinds of plants, including various mushrooms and flowers.[2][3] Plenty of creeks, ponds and rivers are spread around the area, allowing for its inhabitants to swim at their leisure.[2][3] Although toads may seem to be the only inhabitants of the valley, a few insects (such as butterflies and caterpillars) can be seen coexisting with them.[2]
Toad Hollow 2

Elf Cup and Shaggy Mane gliding over the plateau

Although only a few are seen, Toad Hollow possesses a few interesting landmarks. There's a water toboggan (called the slippy slide) that travels a good portion of the valley and leads to one of the main ponds where the Toad Patrol usually hangs out.[2] A little further away, there's a small plateau with stone pillars where toads can paraglide through the wind with tree leaves.[2] In another area of the valley, a moss-covered stone chamber stands near a river; it is where toads leave behind their tools, weapons, and other belongings that helped them survive in the forest.[2] Since threats do not exist in the Hollow, they no longer need these items and put them away there. All the members of the Toad Patrol stored their tools in the chamber as well, but went and retrieved them later in order to return to the forest.[2]

Leaving the Hollow

Toad Hollow 3

The toad guarding the cove

In the second season, it is revealed that toads can actually leave Toad Hollow and return to the Great Forest. A portal leading back to the woods can be found inside a small and verdant cove flanked by a pond and small waterfalls.[2] This exit is guarded by an old toad that assists those that decide to go back, although he always strongly suggests otherwise.[2][3]

In order to pass through the portal, toads must embark on boats carved out of tree branches and pass through one of the cascades.[2] The boats will then be hurled in a water tunnel and spit out of another waterfall on the side of the forest.[2][3]

Magical background

Because Toad Hollow is affiliated with many mystical elements, it can be assumed that it is entirely magical in nature. This theory is reinforced by the fact that there's no conventional way of accessing the valley aside from portals.[3][4][5] Also, its ecosystem is unaffected by the seasons or the weather, unlike the forest.[2][3] This can also mean that the Hollow is actually situated in another dimension instead of being another area of the forest, although this was never confirmed or denied.

Another interesting fact to note is the peculiar phenomenon of immunity that comes with any toad that has already set foot in Toad Hollow. Once a toad enters the valley through a Fairy Ring, it can leave and return at any time it wants without ever running the risk of turning into a Toadstool.[1][2][3][6] It is never explained why this happens, or how it actually works.


  • Because Toad Hollow is such a wonderful place, it is very rare for toads to actually leave in favour of the forest.[2] The only known exceptions are Tunnel Toads,[2][6][7][8] the Toad Patrol,[2][3] Mistle Toad,[1] Earth Star,[3] and The Outsider.[9]
  • Since there is no Fairy Ring during the winter season, the only way to get back to Toad Hollow is to use a portal inside Calypso's waterfall.[3]
  • Among the Toad Patrol, Elf Cup, Puff Ball and Fur Foot are the ones who travelled the most between Toad Hollow and the Great Forest.[2][3]
  • On the other hand, Earth Star is the one who has stayed the longest inside Toad Hollow.[2][3]
  • In Davis (California), in the United States, a dog park was named Toad Hollow due to a large toad population in the area. During their migration, toads will travel from South Davis to North Davis through the town's Toad Tunnel until they reach their mating ground.[10][11]


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