The Toad Patrol is getting tired of Shaggy Mane's clumsiness and pick on him for getting them into trouble. While on the road to the next Thunder Tree, they meet another toadlet with a mysterious past.

Episode Summary

The Toad Patrol is singing happily as they march through the forest. But the peace is soon troubled by Shaggy Mane who, while practicing maneuvering his coil, accidently causes a swarm of wasps to attack them. After escaping the bugs by diving into a pond, the group heads for the next Thunder Tree, which gives Panther Cap an acorn. Called a "Pointer" by Shaggy Mane, it proves very useful, as it will always point to the next Thunder Tree.

A while later, Shaggy Mane once again causes a ruckus after playing around with his coil. He startles a skunk, which irritates the others, but they still give him a chance to redeem himself by going ahead on the path as a lookout. During his excursion, Shaggy Mane finds a dirt road where cars roll by, which nearly gets him killed. Beauty Stem deems the crossing too dangerous; they must find another way to the Thunder Tree.

Suddenly, the Toad Patrol hears music coming from under the road. They investigate and find a Toad Tunnel in which an old toad is playing a flute. He introduces himself as a Tunnel Toad and guides them through the tunnel all the way to the other side of the road. He offers his flute to Elf Cup as a parting gift before they go on their way.

A little later down the road, Elf Cup plays her flute and attracts the attention of Earth Star, a wandering toadlet who plays guitar. After some quick introductions, Earth Star reveals he was a toadlet of the previous season that never made it to Toad Hollow. He was turned into a Toadstool, but somehow mysteriously woke up a season later perfectly unchanged.

During the conversation, Shaggy Mane accidentally startles the same skunk as earlier, much to everyone's irritation. Shaggy's confidence is shattered when everyone blames him for getting them into trouble. In order not to waste any more of their time, Earth Star guides the group back to the path. When asked to accompany them to Toad Hollow, he refuses. He explains that he would rather live in the forest even if there's a chance he might turn into a Toadstool once again.

During the conversation, Panther Cap suddenly realizes that Shaggy Mane is gone. The group immediately turns back to look for him, but only find his coil. The others realize they weren't particularly fair with Shaggy Mane and fear he might have run away. They decide to track him down.

Farther along the path, Shaggy Mane comes across the skunk for the third time, but soon realizes that she isn't a threat. She introduces herself as Cleopatra (Cleo for shot) and pep talks Shaggy into returning to his family and friends, persuaded that they're looking for him despite the tension between them. Shaggy realizes that running away never solves problems, and instead creates more trouble.

But, while searching for Shaggy Mane, the Toad Patrol suddenly gets captured by Erebus. Cleo and Shaggy Mane arrive just in time to chase the snake away, much to everyone's relief. The others apologize to Shaggy Mane for their behavior while Earth Star emphasizes that Shaggy Mane is very important to the group in his own way. Because he manages to name things with ease, he facilitates communication between the toadlets. He reminds him that without words, they wouldn't be able to talk to each other. He is the "Giver of Names" of the group.

With everything resolved, the Toad Patrol finally bids Earth Star farewell and heads for the next Thunder Tree on Cleo's back.


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  • According to the Tunnel Toad, the Toad Tunnels were created by the Ancients a long time ago.
  • It is revealed that once you enter Toad Hollow, you can leave whenever you want without the fear of turning into a Toadstool.


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Toad Patrol - Episode 2 The Giver of Names

Toad Patrol - Episode 2 The Giver of Names