The Toad Patrol is seperated during a forest fire. With Puff Ball, Elf Cup and Fur Foot on the other side of the blaze, Beauty Stem has to make a grave decision that she is unwilling to do.

Episode Summary

After an attack of Medea the hawk, the Toad Patrol finally reach the Thunder Tree. Panther Cap uses his Pointer, which goes rolling down a hill. The Toad Patrol stumbles after it, encountering a human campsite with an active fire. Elf Cup and Fur Foot quickly retrieve the Pointer while avoiding the water a human pours on the campfire (unbeknowst to everyone, the campfire isn't properly stopped and some sparks ignite the grass nearby). Elf Cup also nearly gets ran over by a car, but comes out of the ordeal unharmed. This causes Beauty Stem to be even more distrustful of the road, which they must cross to get to the next Thunder Tree. The team decides to split into two groups and search for a Toad Tunnel.

On one side, Elf Cup, Puff Ball and Fur Foot decide to play in a mud pool for a little while. There, they meet Hera the heron and Morty the turtle, both of whom urge them to find the Toad Tunnel.

Meanwhile, Panther Cap, Oyster, Slippery Jack, Shaggy Mane and Beauty Stem find the Thunder Tree, but it's located on the other side of the road. Out in the open, they are prey of another Medea attack, although she accidentally leads them to the Toad Tunnel they've been searching for. The old Tunnel Toad living there leads them through to the other side where Panther Cap receives an odd riddle from the Thunder Tree: they will soon have to chose between heart and head. However, they don't dwell on the matter much as they finally notice the smoke in the sky. Beauty Stem wants to head back to help the others, but she is stopped in her tracks. Mistle Toad, who had been helping the other animals to escape the forest fire, urges them all to flee. They're torn between two choices: use their head and flee the fire, or listen to their heart and go after the others.

Meanwhile, Hera went to search for Puff Ball, Fur Foot and Elf Cup. Once she finds them, she gives them a ride to the beaver dam where Morton is waiting for them. The fire is quickly advancing though, so they decide to break the dam loose, hoping the water will stop it in its tracks. Puff Ball finds a loose stick among the branches and, with the help of Fur Foot, manages to pull it out. The dam breaks open, releasing the river which completely eradicates the fire. Hera reveals that the stick Puff Ball is a Thunder Stick originating from a Thunder Tree, making it valuable enough for the toadlet to keep.

On the other side of the road, Beauty Stem finally decides to leave with the others since there's not much they can do at tha point. They begin to walk away when Fur Foot, Elf Cup and Puff Ball arrive on Hera's back. The Toad Patrol is finally reunited and ready for their next adventure.


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  • Slippery Jack hates being called SJ and Oyster doens't like being called a twin.
  • Mistle Toad reveals he thought the Toad Patrol would never find the Fairy Ring, but he now believes otherwise.


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Toad Patrol - Episode 3 The Fire

Toad Patrol - Episode 3 The Fire