Slippery Jack
Gender: Male
Age: 1 season old
(second youngest)
Species: Toad
Group role: Cartographer; strategist
Friends and Family
Fur Foot
Beauty Stem
Elf Cup
Shaggy Mane
Puff Ball
Panther Cap
Earth Star
Mistle Toad
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"
Voiced by:
Brady Moffatt
Look! I can make a pathfind.

— Slippery Jack, "One for All"

Slippery Jack (voiced by Brady Moffatt) is the second youngest member of the Toad Patrol and the twin brother of Oyster. Thanks to his great intellect and drawing skills, he is able to steer his brothers and sisters in the right direction when travelling through the Great Forest.

Physical appearance

Because he's so young, Slippery Jack is one of the smaller toadlets of the group, tied with his twin sister. He wears a simple outfit composed of some red shorts and a grey bow tie. He also dons a pair of glasses mounted on a stick frame over his bright blue eyes.



Despite his great intelligence, Slippery Jack is a naive little toadlet who's curious about the world around him. However, he can be seen as fearful or even cowardly at times, a fact his twin sister takes pleasure of rubbing in.[1][2][3] He prefers to do things slowly and is extremely careful when encountering something or someone new. Slippery Jack hates it when the rest of the group refer to him and Oyster as "the twins,"[1][4] but calling him SJ is even worse.[1] Throughout the series, Slippery Jack has shown signs of claustrophobia,[5] and possibly even of acrophobia.[1][2][3]


Thanks to his intelligence and curiosity, Slippery Jack has a knack for solving complex problems. And thanks to his drawing skills, he can easily make maps or diagrams to illustrate a strategy or plan. However, Slippery Jack can sometimes forget to think things through and properly evaluate possible outcomes after a plan's completion. He can even find himself stumped by simpler problems.[2] But despite all this, his intellect is greatly valued by the entire team, especially when it comes to deciphering Toad Scratches.


At the beginning of "The Crystal Caverns", Slippery Jack is given a "pathfind" kit by Earth Star, which consists of bark sheets and a piece of charcoal.[6] With it, he is able to draw maps and strategic plans as if drawing on paper. He always carries around a few blank rolls of bark in a backpack carved in an acorn shell. 

Relations with other characters


Fur Foot

Since he's the leader, Slippery Jack usually listens to Fur Foot without question. The only exceptions are when his older brother tries to leave him out of a plan or patronizes him due to his age.[2][7][8] Otherwise, the two get along pretty well and sometimes work together to think up a plan. 

Beauty Stem

Like most of the younger toadlets of the group, Slippery Jack is very attached to Beauty Stem. Although he can sometimes feel crowded or babied by her, he rarely ever raises his voice against her and dutifully listens to her advice. When concerned or frightened, Slippery Jack will usually turn to Beauty Stem for comfort.[5]

Elf Cup

Despite their constrasting personalities, Slippery Jack seems to get along well with Elf Cup. However, he can also feel patronized by her at times, especially when she assumes the role of leader.[8][9] Fortunately, this doesn't hinder their relationship, and Slippery Jack will always participate in Elf Cup's games.[10][11]

Shaggy Mane

Although not particularly close in the first season, Slippery Jack and Shaggy Mane become the best of friends later on in the series. They come to realize that, when paired together, their individual skills complement each other well and make it easier to decipher Toad Scratches. Because of this, their bond considerably tightens.

Puff Ball

Due to being a constant target of Puff Ball's teasing, Slippery Jack is often irritated towards his older brother.[2] This sometimes causes some strain between them, but the younger toadlet is always quick to put the matter aside. In the end, Slippery Jack cares a lot for Puff Ball despite him insisting on calling him SJ.


Because they are twins, Slippery Jack and Oyster have a very tight bond despite their opposite personalities. While Slippery Jack is often annoyed at his sister's exuberant demeanour, he cares a lot about her and often relies on her help when he's frozen by fear or worry.[1][3]

Panther Cap

Even if they don't share many moments together, Slippery Jack and Panther Cap appear to get along and care about each other. They can be often seen playing together just fine without breaking into a fight.[10][11] Since they're the two youngest male members of the group, they look out for each other.


Earth Star

To Slippery Jack, Earth Star as not only a friend but a member of the family. After all, it's thanks to him that he got his pathfind kit.[6] And even if they do not share many moments together in the series, Slippery Jack still gets along just fine with Earth Star.

Mistle Toad

Just like the rest of the Toad Patrol, Slippery Jack considers Mistle Toad as a guide and mentor. He grows considerably close to him in the second season since they both work together to decipher the texts of the Ancients. When Mistle Toad needs help with something, Slippery Jack never hesitates to give a hand.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

When first meeting Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Slippery Jack acts friendly towards the two mouse brothers, although with some restraint.[2] Unlike his sister, he isn't too excited to follow the life of the rodents and is reluctant to join in their fun.[2] Despite this, Slippery Jack remains grateful for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's help.

Memorable quotes

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  • Among the Toad Patrol, Slippery Jack is the only one who wears a pair of glasses.
  • Slippery Jack's name is based on the Suillus luteus mushroom, more commonly known as a "slippery Jack."
  • In the French version of the show, Slippery Jack's name is Ciboulot, a slang term for "brain." It is also a word play on Oyster's French name, Ciboulette.



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