Shaggy Mane
Shaggy mane
Gender: Male
Age: 1 season old
(fourth oldest)
Species: Toad
Group role: Poet
Friends and Family
Fur Foot
Beauty Stem
Elf Cup
Puff Ball
Slippery Jack
Panther Cap
Earth Star
Mistle Toad
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"
Voiced by:
Neil Shee
Dawn Ford
I made that up!

— Shaggy Mane, "Bird's Eye View"

Shaggy Mane (voiced by Neil Shee and Dawn Ford) is the fourth oldest member of the Toad Patrol and a natural poet. He can think up names on a whim for everything foreign that surrounds him.

Physical appearance

Like his name would suggest, Shaggy Mane has a tuft of unruly blonde hair on the top of his head, with locks coming down to his blue eyes. He also wears a pair of burgundy pants with stitches going along the length on each side. When not using his vine rope, he slips it around one shoulder and across his chest.


Due to his airy personality, Shaggy Mane often has his head in the clouds. This can make him a bit of a klutz, which often gets him into some trouble. He can also be quite naive at times and isn't considered the brightest bulb in the bunch.[1][2][3][4] As seen a few times in the series, Shaggy Mane is very self-conscious about his shortcomings and lacks confidence,[5][6][7] even if he has proven that he can be serious when necessary.[2][8] Also, when time allows it, Shaggy Mane can be very playful and wild, always ready to have a bit of fun with his younger siblings.[9][10][11]


Early on in the series, Shaggy Mane voices concern about his contribution to the Toad Patrol due to his lack of strength and brain,[9] but quickly discovers that he can be useful in his own way. In "The Giver of Names", most notably, he realizes that he can easily come up with names for things that are foreign to him and the others, allowing easier communication between the toadlets. He can also recite poems on a whim.[12][13] By continually expanding his skill throughout the series, Shaggy Mane develops a knack for deciphering riddles and old texts from the Ancients, which becomes crucial in the second season.


While running after Elf Cup in the forest, Shaggy Mane stumbles upon his tool: a long vine that he calls a "coil."[5] It mostly serves as a sturdy rope or whip, although Shaggy Mane also uses it as a pillow.[2] It comes in handy numerous times during the series and can be paired with Fur Foot's claw to become a grappling hook.[13][14][15]

Relations with Other Characters


Fur Foot

From the very beginning, Shaggy Mane shows a plentiful amount of trust in Fur Foot's leadership. Although he might sometimes question his older brother's decisions, it is mostly under the influence of someone else's defiance.[12] Overall, Shaggy Mane listens to Fur Foot and will rarely go against his orders.

Beauty Stem

Like all the younger toadlets of the group, Shaggy Mane cares deeply for Beauty Stem and looks up to her. He usually listens to her, whether she gives him advice or teaches him a lesson.[10] Shaggy Mane acknowledges from the start that, although Beauty Stem can be naggy, she's only looking out for everyone.[12]

Elf Cup

Whenever Elf Cup is up to something, Shaggy Mane will usually participate in her antics. Both love to have fun and are often seen playing or going on a wild ride together.[9][10][12][16] Because of this, they share a strong and tight bond.

Puff Ball

Although they don't appear very close due to their contrasting personalities, Shaggy Mane and Puff Ball do share a quiet understanding of each other. Whenever Shaggy Mane has a particular question or concern, he usually goes to Puff Ball for an answer.[2][4]


Despite being close to her twin brother, Shaggy Mane doesn't show the same kind of relationship with Oyster. While he still cares about her, he rarely spends time alone with the young toadlet. Shaggy Mane does, however, share Oyster's sense of adventure, and both can be quite competitive when playing with each other.[9]

Slippery Jack

At the beginning of the series, Shaggy Mane and Slippery Jack don't share many moments, possibly due to their contrasting personalities. However, both become considerably closer in the second season after realizing that, despite their differences, they balance each other out, hence tightening their bond.

Panther Cap

In the first season, Shaggy Mane and Panther Cap don't seem to share many moments together. This changes in the second, where both develop a tighter bond towards each other. Shaggy Mane starts to tease Panther Cap from this point on, though it is done mostly to alleviate the mood or cheer up the young toadlet.



Although the two of them don't meet under the best of circumstances, Cleo the skunk and Shaggy Mane quickly form a strong bond. This is mostly due to their mutual feeling of abandonment caused by their flaws or imperfections.[5] Cleo's the one who convinced Shaggy Mane that running away doesn't solve problems.[5]

Earth Star

When Shaggy Mane met Earth Star for the first time, he immediately took a shine to him. This is mostly due to the minstrel quickly acknowledging Shaggy Mane's talent for naming things while everyone else picked on him for being a klutz.[5] Since then, both have shared a good relationship.

Mistle Toad

Like the rest of the Toad Patrol, Shaggy Mane considers Mistle Toad as a good friend. This becomes more evident in the second season, in which they spend much more time in each other's company. Shaggy Mane will always listen to Mistle Toad's teachings and would help him in a heartbeat.

Memorable quotes

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  • According to Puff Ball, Shaggy Mane can't draw.[2]
  • Shaggy Mane's name is based on the Coprinus comatus, a mushroom commonly known as "shaggy mane" due to its scales that look like hair.
  • In French, Shaggy Mane's name is Boniface, a male-given name originating from a latin word meaning "doer of good." Boniface is also a recurring name for monks and saints.



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