Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Species: Salamander
Profession: Real estate agent
Location: Great Forest
Friends and Family
Earth Star
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Crystal Caverns
Old? Are you calling me old?

— Phoebe, "The Crystal Caverns"

Phoebe is a female salamander who's an old friend of Earth Star.[1] Because she lives in the Great Forest, she knows exactly where to find safe havens for the residents of the woods, and acts much like a real estate agent.


Full of energy, Phoebe has a bit of an exuberant demeanour. When excited, she tends to talk fast and make quick motions with her hands. She's very kind towards the Toad Patrol and finds the toadlets "adorably cute."[1] When Newt finds himself without a home, Phoebe doesn't skip a beat and immediately takes him away in search of a new place to stay.[1]

Memorable quotes

The Crystal Caverns

  • "Oh you darlings, you're all so adorably cute. Now let me guess: you need a nice, safe haven for the night. Am I right, or am I right?" (Toad Patrol nods) "Of course I'm right! So don't you worry your little bedraggled heads. Phoebe isn't the kind of salamander who would let you stay out in the wet all night, is she?" (Toad Patrol shakes head) "Well of course she isn't! Well, let's not stand here yakking. I know a perfect place for tired toadlets. Follow me!"
  • "Hate to break up a family reunion, but we're still in a lot of trouble."
  • "Did I hear right? You need a home? No problem! I know them all!"
  • "Come along, big boy. We have a lot of places to see." 


  • Phoebe sometimes speaks in the third person.[1]
  • Although most salamanders can naturally swim, Phoebe is shown unable to do so.[1]
  • Phoebe is featured on the cover of Toad Patrol: The Crystal Caverns DVD.
  • In Greek mythology, Phoebe is one of the original Titans and is associated with the moon.


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