Penny Bun
Penny bun
Gender: Female
Age: Juvenile
Species: Toad
Location: Toad Hollow
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Love interests:
Earth Star
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Cry for Help
This is Toad Hollow. Everything's fun!

— Penny Bun, "Cry for Help"

Penny Bun is a female toadlet the Toad Patrol befriended in Toad Hollow.[1] Because of her knowledge

Physical appearance

Unlike the Toad Patrol, Penny Bun has pink skin with darker spots on her face. She wears a purple flower bud hat with four leaves on top, the petals covering most of her bright turquoise eyes. Her dress is a pink leaf that she wraps around herself.


Penny Bun

Concept art

Penny Bun is a very kind and soft-spoken little toad. She gets along well with Beauty Stem thanks to their similar personalities and often offers her advice to the Toad Patrol.[1]

Since Earth Star is seen flirting with her at some point,[2] it is possible Penny Bun has romantic feelings for the toadlet. However, this is never explicitly confirmed or denied.

Memorable quotes

Cry for Help

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  • The name Penny Bun comes from the mushroom of the same name (Boletus edulis), which is known for its thick stem and cap.


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