Panther Cap
Panther cap
Gender: Male
Age: 1 season old
Species: Toad
Group role: Telepath
Friends and Family
Fur Foot
Beauty Stem
Elf Cup
Shaggy Mane
Puff Ball
Slippery Jack
Earth Star
Mistle Toad
The Outsider
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"
Voiced by:
Sonja Ball
I hear something... like a whispering in my ear.

— Panther Cap, "One for All"

Panther Cap (voiced by Sonja Ball) is the youngest of the eight toadlets that form the Toad Patrol. Ironically, he's the most important member of the group since he's the only one who can guide his brothers and sisters to the Fairy Ring.

Physical appearance

Because Panther Cap is the youngest, he's also the smallest member of the group. He has a cap made of stitched leaves and tree bark that he wears backwards and a pair of grey pants. Just like his brothers and sisters, he has big, blue eyes.



Usually shy and reserved, Panther Cap values honesty above all else[1][2] and rarely speaks up unless spoken to directly. This makes him a good listener, which has earned him the confidences of several other characters.[3][4][5] Thanks to this, he also has a better understanding of everyone's feelings. At the beginning of the journey, Panther Cap expresses many fears and worries concerning his surroundings.[6] His doubts even extend to his own abilities, as he fears he may lead the group astray.[3] However, as the series progresses, he grows more confident in himself and his role. In the second season, he even becomes more assertive and starts standing up for himself.[7][8] Because of his powers, he often feels like he doesn't fit in with his brothers and sisters, but understands his importance to the group all the same.


Among his brothers and sisters, Panther Cap is arguably the toadlet who has the most innate abilities. All magical in nature, their origin is currently unknown. His powers first manifest themselves in the very first episode, when he begins to hear whispers in his head.[6] It is quickly revealed that he is the only toadlet of the group who can hear Thunder Trees.[6] This gives him great importance within the Toad Patrol since Thunder Trees know the whereabouts of the Fairy Ring.

In the second season, Panther Cap's powers are expanded quite considerably. He's now able to hear other toads through telepathy, as shown when Mistle Toad contacts him despite not being in the same vicinity.[7] Later on, he starts to hear the spirits of the Ancients, and even learns a peculiar incantation that seemingly controls water, although it is possible it might control other natural forces of the forest.[9] Because of this telepathic contact with the Ancients, Panther Cap realizes that he's increasingly having more difficulty hearing the Thunder Trees, much to his dismay.[9][10][11] According to The Outsider, he possesses abilities that haven't been seen since the time of the Ancients.[12] The full expanse of these powers remains unknown.


Back in the first season, Panther Cap earns a tool of his very own: an acorn given to him by a Thunder Tree.[13] He calls it a "pointer" because it will always point in the direction of the next Thunder Tree after being spun like a top.[13] When not using it, he stores it in his hat.[13][14][15]

Relations with other characters


Fur Foot

From the beginning, Fur Foot and Panther Cap share a good relationship. Although the younger toadlet would rather relate his feelings and worries to Beauty Stem,[6][3] he still holds his brother in high regards and listens to his advice. Panther Cap fully believes in Fur Foot's leadership and rarely, if ever, questions his decisions.

Beauty Stem

In the first season, Panther Cap and Beauty Stem share a very strong bond. Whenever he feels scared or sad, he'll always confide in her and search for her reassurance.[3][6] However, in the second season, tension rises between them as Panther Cap feels overwhelmed of her constant watch.[9] They manage to get along in the end since both care deeply for each other.

Elf Cup

Like all the other younger toadlets, Panther Cap always enjoys a bit of fun when Elf Cup is involved. Although they do not share many moments in the first season, their bond grows stronger in the second: when the group gets separated, Panther Cap doesn't hesitate to express his feelings to Elf Cup and shows his affection and gratitude for what she does.[16]

Shaggy Mane

On several occasions, Panther Cap shows that he understands Shaggy Mane's feelings better than the rest of the group.[13] Although not particularly close to each other at the beginning of the series, the second season offers many opportunities for them to strengthen their bond.[12][17] Although Shaggy Mane begins to tease him at that point, Panther Cap never takes it too seriously.

Puff Ball

Although Puff Ball has the tendency to call him "squirt" and tease him about his powers,[4][6][13] Panther Cap has never held it against him. He is never fazed in the slightest by his brother's teasing, merely ignoring it as it comes. Overall, they seem to share a good relationship.


Because he's the youngest, Panther Cap has an easier time understanding Oyster's annoyance of being patronized and overprotected. Although they do not share many moments at the beginning of the series, Panther Cap later shows a great deal of affection towards her and reassures her when doubting herself.[5]

Slippery Jack

Since they're both the youngest male toadlets of the group, Slippery Jack and Panther Cap usually look out for each other, even if they rarely spend much time together. When it's time for games, they will both play along just fine without any quarrels.[3][18] Just like for the rest of his family, Panther Cap cares deeply about Slippery Jack.



Despite the fact that they met under less than ideal circumstances, Artemis and Panther Cap quickly become good friends.[4] They both play with each other without worries, ignoring the fact that they are respectively predator and prey. Thanks to Artie, Panther Cap is able to forget about his problems and finally lets his imagination loose.[4]


Even if they only meet once in the entire show, Digger and Panther Cap form a quick friendship upon their first encounter. Despite the mole getting him into some serious trouble with Erebus, Panther Cap holds no ill will against Digger and even made him an honorary member of the Toad Patrol after he goes out of his way to do the right thing.[19]

Earth Star

At the beginning of the adventure, Panther Cap and Earth Star instantly develop a mutual complicity. The younger toadlet won't fail to reassure his friend whenever his paranoias and fears get the better of him.[3][4] Also, if it weren't for Earth Star, Panther Cap would have probably never reached Toad Hollow in time.[4]

Mistle Toad

To Panther Cap, Mistle Toad is a teacher and a mentor, as well as a friend.[6][7] It's thanks to him that he embraces his powers and comes to understand what they're for.[6] When he becomes insecure about his powers, Panther Cap will usually turn to Mistle Toad's guidance when available.[2][9]

The Outsider

Although Panther Cap considers her a friend, The Outsider and him share a peculiar relationship. To Panther Cap, she's mostly a guide, someone who can explain (to a certain extent) what his powers mean.[12] She doesn't have all the answers, but Panther Cap appreciates her input all the same.

Memorable quotes

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  • When excessively scared or upset, Panther Cap tends to stutter.
  • Thanks to his powers, Panther Cap is able to detect his pointer, even if it gets mixed with other acorns.[15]
  • Because he stores his pointer inside his hat, Panther Cap can be incredibly attached to it. He gets very upset when a woodpecker accidentally takes it away from him,[15] and even nearly dies once going after it when it lands on the thin surface of a frozen pond.[20]
  • Through the entire series, Panther Cap is seen without his hat in only four different instances: twice in the first season[4][15] and two more times in the second.[7][20]
  • Panther Cap's name comes from a mushroom of the same name, which has a large cap (his hat hinting on this fact).
  • In French, Panther Cap's name is Crapoucet, a play on the word "crapounet," which is the french version of the term "toadlet."



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