Gender: Female
Age: 1 season old
(second youngest)
Species: Toad
Group role: Lookout
Friends and Family
Fur Foot
Beauty Stem
Elf Cup
Shaggy Mane
Puff Ball
Slippery Jack
Panther Cap
Earth Star
Mistle Toad
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"
Voiced by:
Bryn McAuley
SJ, get a life, would ya?

— Oyster, "One for All"

Oyster (voiced by Bryn McAuley) is the second youngest member of the Toad Patrol and the twin sister of Slippery Jack. Despite her age, she will never hesitate to get involved or help others.

Physical appearance

Like other female toadlets of the series, Oyster has a flower sitting on the top of her head: it takes the form of a red bud with three anthers coming out from its center. She wears a sleeveless crop top of the same colour and a pair of blue pants that match her blue eyes. Since Oyster is one of the youngest members of the Toad Patrol, she stands as one of the smallest along with her twin brother.



As shown from the very beginning, Oyster is a witty and observant little toadlet with plenty of energy to spare. Full of optimism, she's a clear contrast to her twin brother's scaredy attitude.[1][2] When it's time for a new adventure, she doesn't hesitate to jump head first into it.[3] However, despite her positive demeanour, there are times when Oyster feels insecure about her abilities or lack thereof.[4] She can also get irritated easily whenever others patronize her due to her age.[4][5]


Throughout the series, Oyster fails to display any kind of significant skill or ability, unlike the rest of the Toad Patrol. She brings this fact to the limelight in the second season, openly voicing her concerns about her lack of contribution and her general weak role in the group.[4] However, she comes to realize with a bit of help that her overall positive attitude is an asset in itself, and shouldn't be discredited for any form of practical skill.[4] Also, her common sense and quick wit allow her to swiftly find solutions to simple problems, as well as to develop different strategies to overcome one obstacle.[1][6][7]


Unlike her brothers and sisters, Oyster acquires her tool through her own tinkering instead of it being given to her or simply stumbled upon. After finding two blue crystals, she puts one at each end of a hollow reed on which she attaches a strap made of vines.[8] This combination creates a sort of spyglass that she calls a "see-all," allowing her to see far distances.

Relations with other characters


Fur Foot

Although she shares a good relation with her brother, Oyster can often get annoyed with Fur Foot due to him constantly patronizing her.[3][5] This can cause some strains in their relationship, but both always manage to look beyond their shortcomings. In the end, Oyster trusts in Fur Foot's instincts and follows his leadership.

Beauty Stem

Like the rest of the younger toadlets, Oyster wouldn't hesitate to go to Beauty Stem for advice or reassurance. She appreciates her sister's efforts to keep everyone safe, even if she can feel crowded at times.[9] It's thanks to Beauty Stem that Oyster realizes how much she contributes to the team despite lacking any noticeable talent.[4]

Elf Cup

Since both share a similar type of energy, Oyster and Elf Cup get along rather well. It isn't rare to see the younger toadlet participate in her older sister's games, both enjoying a little fun and adventure.[10][11] They rarely bicker and enjoy each other's company.

Shaggy Mane

Since the two of them don't spend a lot of time alone, Oyster and Shaggy Mane don't appear to be particularly close. However, they do share a few similarities, such as their sense of adventure. When the opportunity arises, Oyster won't hesitate to show Shaggy Mane a little affection.[12]

Puff Ball

Even if they do not appear to be particularly close, Oyster does seem to share a strong bond with Puff Ball. This is most prevalent in the second season when the two of them spend several episodes in each other's company. However, Oyster can get irritated at Puff Ball's attitude,[13] especially when he calls her and Slippery Jack "the twins."[14]

Slippery Jack

Because the two of them are twins, Oyster and Slippery Jack are very close to each other despite having contrasting personalities. Oyster often plays jokes on her brother and constantly teases him about his tendency to worry or obsess over details,[5][9][12] but in the end she would do anything for him and would never leave him behind.[2]

Panther Cap

Despite not sharing many moments alone, Oyster and Panther Cap get along well, mostly due to their close age. She fully trusts in his judgement and values his input, as seen once when she shares her doubts and insecurities with him.[4] They also often play together and are never shown to quarrel.[10][11]


Earth Star

Since they barely interact with each other, Oyster and Earth Star don't appear to have a noticeably tight bond. The younger toadlet mostly finds the minstrel's advances on Beauty Stem silly, and a good excuse for a little laugh.[15] Nonetheless, Oyster cares a lot for Earth Star and considers him part of the family.

Mistle Toad

Like the rest of the Toad Patrol, Oyster has a good relationship with Mistle Toad. She gladly takes his advice and won't hesitate to ask him directly for some help or reassurance.[14][15] Along with the rest of her family, she would do anything to help him out.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

When she first meets Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Oyster immediately acts friendly towards the two mice brothers. She's quick to participate in their games and has real pleasure in following their antics.[1] Although their separation was made in haste, Oyster keeps a good memory of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.[1]


To Oyster, Sigmund is not only a friend but also a confidant. She's not afraid to tell him how she feels when her frustrations get the best of her or when she needs time away from her family.[13][16] Sigmund's presence always seems to cheer her up, no matter the situation.

Memorable quotes

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  • In "One for All", after a quick exchange with Fur foot, Oyster comes up with the term "Toad Patrol", which becomes the group's name from then on.
  • Oyster's name is based on the Pleurotus genus of fungi, with certain species called "oyster mushrooms."
  • In the French version of the show, Osyter's name is Ciboulette, which is the French term for "chives." It is also a word play with Slippery Jack's French name, Ciboulot. 



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