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One for All" is the very first episode of Toad Patrol, which premiered on Teletoon in 1999.


A group of eight newborn toadlets finds itself stranded in the middle of the forest after missing the Great Migration. Inexperienced and young, they must learn to work together in order to survive this strange new world and reach Toad Hollow before the Fairy Ring closes at the end of the season.


The Toad Patrol , composed of eight siblings (Fur Foot, Puff Ball, Elf Cup, Shaggy Mane, Beauty Stem, Oyster, Slippery Jack, and Panther Cap) are desperately searching for other toadlets. They've just recently come out of their pond and are surprised to see that all the other toads have gone.

With no one else to turn to, Fur Foot immediately assumes the role of leader and decides to search for other toadlets. But, Elf Cup isn't convinced that they'll find anything and would rather play than waste her time. She quarrels with Fur Foot and storms off to go play with Shaggy Mane.

The others continue their search, but run into Erebus, a portly snake looking for a toadlet snack. They escape by diving into a creek, using a twig as a canoe through the rapids. All seems well until they get caught in the current and driven towards a waterfall.

Lucky for them, a hooded figure has been watching them through the trees. It throws an animal claw onto their boat, which gets stuck on the bark of the twig. Fur Foot immediately grabs it and uses it to reach a low branch, allowing the others to climb to safety. This little adventure makes Fur Foot realize that he shouldn't have left Elf Cup and Shaggy Mane alone and decides to head back. However, Panther Cap claims he can't go with them. He's been hearing voices, and they've told him to head for the tallest trees nearby. Beauty Stem volunteers to help him get there while the others go after Shaggy Mane and Elf Cup.

Meanwhile, Shaggy Mane and Elf Cup face their own load of troubles. After rescuing his sister from a thorn bush with his new rope, Shaggy Mane is accidentally caught by a predatory bird and brought to its nest. While he attempts to shimmy down the tree, Elf Cup runs for help and reunites with Fur Foot, Puff Ball, Oyster and Slippery Jack. They all head towards the tree where Elf Cup saw the bird take Shaggy Mane. At the same time, Panther Cap and Beauty Stem explore the forest on their own, following the voices the younger toadlet keeps hearing. They end up at the base of the tree where Shaggy Mane was brought to, with the others joining them shortly after. Now that the entire group is back together, they all help Shaggy Mane down the tree thanks to their newfound cooperation.

Later, after the sun has set, the Toad Patrol finds a place to rest under the roots of an old tree. There, they meet with Mistle Toad, an adult toad, who is revealed to be the one who helped them at the waterfall. He explains to the toadlets that they left their pond too late and that they've missed the Great Migration to Toad Hollow, a paradise for toads. To get there, they must find a portal called the Fairy Ring before it closes, or else they'll be turned into mushrooms called Toadstools. However, only the Thunder Trees know where the Fairy Ring is, and very few toadlets can actually hear them. It turns out that Panther Cap possesses this power, which explains the voices he has been hearing all day.

Now set with a destination, Fur Foot pledges as the leader of the Toad Patrol that they'll reach Toad Hollow before the end of the season.


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Strange World

Strange world, new home
Filled with whispers, filled with fears
Strange world, new home
I can understand your tears
But feel the magic in the air
See the wonders everywhere
Hear the rustle of the leaves
As the wind sighs through the trees
Touch the grass beneath your feet
Taste the wet that's clear and sweet
Smell the flowers growing free
See a world in harmony
This is our home
A world where everything's alive
Together we will all survive
We'll help each other face
This very special place
And make this forest home

Sung by: Beauty Stem


  • In this episode, Shaggy Mane, Fur Foot and Beauty Stem each earn a certain item that will help them throughout the rest of the series: a rope, a hook, and firefly dust respectively.
  • This episode marks the debut of the full main cast of the series, including both recurrent villains of the show, Erebus and Medea. However, Medea's name is only first mentionned in the second episode.

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Toad Patrol - Episode 1 One for All

Toad Patrol - Episode 1 One for All