Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Newt
Location: Crystal Caverns; Great Forest
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Crystal Caverns
"Newt said that, yes..."

— Newt, The Crystal Caverns

Newt is a purple male newt who has lived alone inside the Crystal Caverns for a lengthy amount of time.[1] After the destruction of his home, he wanders off with Phoebe into the Great Forest in order to find a new place to stay.


Although he might appear strange at first, Newt is actually perfectly harmless. He doesn't exhibit any kind of violent behavior and acts friendly towards others. Due to having spent most of his time alone, he deeply craves for companionship, to the point of desperation.[1] He even makes Puff Ball promise to stay with him forever in echange for his help.[1] However, as Newt comes to understand the meaning of friendship, he ultimately let's the toadlet go and both go their seperate ways on good terms.

Memorable quotes

The Crystal Caverns

  • "Ah, Newt, the little one has awakened, he has. Yes..."
  • "Newt knows everything. Talking Wet tells Newt."
  • "Red glows bad, make you mad! Blue glows good, red glows bad. Make you say bad things."
  • "Newt said that."
  • "Newt... alone. Newt only speaks to Talking Wet."
  • "The wet eats the red glows." (pours water on crystals, to little effect) "Need more wet..."
  • "Friend in trouble! Newt must help!"
  • "Cave of Ancients gone... That is good, but sad..."
  • "You go. Newt stay. Find new home."


  • Newt speaks in the third person.[1]
  • It is possible that Newt suffers from a form of lazy eye since his right eye can be seen half shut or twitching from time to time without reason.[1]
  • Newt always carries water in his satchel in case he needs to douse "red glows."[1]
  • Even if Newt first voices concern over drowning, he is actually quite adept at swimming.[1]
  • Although newts eat inverterbrates (such as snails, beetles and leeches), Newt surprisingly eats leaves.[1]


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