Gender: Male
Age: Elder
Species: Turtle
Location: Great Forest
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Fire"
Voiced by:
Rick Jones
And you call me a stick in the mud...

— Morton, "The Fire"

Morton (voiced by Rick Jones) is an old turtle that lives in the Great Forest with Hera the heron in a shallow pond. Because he's a turtle, he walks incredibly slow and can have difficulty getting back on his feet when overturned.[1]


Because of his advanced age and the fact that he's a turtle, Morton prefers to take things slow. He can become quite snarky when told to hurry, although he only does so towards Hera.[1] Otherwise, he's very friendly and grateful towards the Toad Patrol for all their help. And although he's described as a stick in the mud by Hera, Morton does know how to have some fun once in a while.[1]

Memorable quotes

The Fire

  • (Hera knocks on Morton's shell) "Nobody home!"
  • "Okay, Morton, let's see some speed." (walks away slowly) "That's much better."
  • (slides and stumbles in the mud, gets overturned) "Not one of my better moves... This is so undignified."
  • "Would you have any objection if I called this situation mildly serious?"


  • Morton hates being called Morty.[1]


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