Mistle Toad
Mistle toad
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Toad
Location: Great Forest
Friends and Family
Earth Star
The Outsider
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"
Voiced by:
Long John Baldry
Mighty Thunder!

— Mistle Toad, "The Stay Away Place"

Mistle Toad (voiced by Long John Baldry) is an adult toad who lives in the Great Forest. Other than his obsession with the Ancients, not much is actually known about him.

Physical appearance

Since he's an adult, Mistle Toad stands taller than the entire Toad Patrol, but shares the same blue eyes. Over his white undershirt, he sports a black robe with a split tail and a hood. He usually carries around a wooden staff with a forked end, into which a blue gem is firmly stuck in place. His entire wardrobe is reminiscent of the garbs the Ancients wear.


Considered a sage by most, Mistle Toad displays a great intellect and desire to learn more about the history of his species.[1][2][3][4] Kind-hearted but also firm, he often guides the Toad Patrol throughout their journey and even lends them a hand from time to time.[3][5][6] He cares about all the creatures of the forest and wouldn't hesitate to help when a crisis occurs.[7] Mistle Toad is often referred to as a mischief maker[1][6] and has shown to get stubborn, even a bit careless or overly passionate when pursuing a certain goal.[1][2][3][4]


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Despite not showing any particular skill in the first season, Mistle Toad does, however, show great knowledge of the forest and its workings. This has allowed him to live in the Great Forest for many years without ever encountering serious harm.[8] Later on, it is revealed that he can exercise, to a certain extent, telepathy.[9][10] Whether he possesses other supernatural abilities is unclear.

Obsession with the Ancients

Throughout the entire series, Mistle Toad displays a great interest in the Ancients, old toad sages that have seemingly disappeared from the forest. This is first revealed in "The Stay Away Place" when he scales a chasm in search of Toad Scratches. He believes they were carved by the Ancients, and hopes to find a clue to their existence or their whereabouts. It is his life's goal to find them.[3][6]

Despite being level-headed, Mistle Toad's devotion to finding the Ancients can sometimes build into a real obsession. When deeply invested in his research, he often forgets how much danger he puts himself into.[1][9] At one point, after Elf Cup makes a mysterious encounter in the middle of the night, Mistle Toad becomes restless upon hearing her adventure: according to him, the call she heard belongs to the bird that travels with the Ancients.[2] He then immediately sets out to find the old sages, following the trail Elf Cup points to him.[2] His tenacity has even allowed him to find The Outsider, a former Ancient, but not much information has come from her.[6] At the end of the first season, Mistle Toad finally discovers the Temple of Bufonidae, an old stronghold that the Ancients abandoned long ago.[3] Despite being trapped in a chamber inside, he still excitedly studies every little thing he finds and is offended when Puff Ball destroys a wall in order to dig a way out.[3] When the Toad Patrol asks Mistle Toad to leave the temple to join them on their search for the Fairy Ring, it takes quite a bit of badgering before he ultimately agrees.[3] And even then, he still refuses to accompany the group to Toad Hollow.[5]

In the second season, Mistle Toad's dedication finally pays off. He discovers the Castle of the Ancients, the last stronghold that housed the toad sages before their mysterious disappearance.[4] With the help of the Toad Patrol, he spends most of the following episodes exploring it and deciphering the Toad Scratches upon its walls. He later puts his research on hold to help find one of the lost instruments of the Ancients.[11]

As of the end of the series, it is unclear if Mistle Toad still searches for the Ancients or if he has returned to Toad Hollow.

Relations with other characters


Earth Star

From the very beginning, Mistle Toad and Earth Star show a strong relationship. They act very chummy with each other, often teasing one another when the opportunity arises.[1] Despite their age difference, Mistle Toad cares for Earth Star[12][13] and can sometimes be annoyed at the toadlet whenever he doesn't take things seriously.[5]

The Outsider

The relation between Mistle Toad and The Outsider is cryptic at best. It is unknown how the two met, but Mistle Toad is aware of her status as a former Ancient and seems to respect her strange ways.[6] It is open for debate whether or not they may share a certain interest in each other.

Toad Patrol

From the very beginning, Mistle Toad gets along well with all the members of the Toad Patrol. He serves as a guide and mentor to all of them, sharing his wisdom when needed. When a member of the group does something reckless, Mistle Toad doesn't hesitate to reprimand them.[2][6] He especially holds a strong bond with Panther Cap.

Memorable quotes

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  • In "One for All", Mistle Toad confirms that he made it to the Fairy Ring a long time ago.
  • Interestingly, Mistle Toad is the instigator for the main arc of both seasons of the show: he urges the Toad Patrol to find the Fairy Ring in the first and gets the group involved with the symphony of the Ancients in the second.
  • The name Mistle Toad is a play on the word "mistletoe."
  • In French, Mistle Toad is referred to as Le Patriarche ("partiarch" in English), which can mean "elder" or designate the oldest member of a group.
  • The character of Mistle-Toad (which Mistle Toad is based on) was first created in 1984. This makes Mistle Toad the very first character created for the series.[14]



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