Aside from the DVDs and VHSes, Toad Patrol has had a few other types of merchandise available on the market. These products are discontinued as of today and anything related to them are difficult to come by.

Mistle-Toad chocolates

Mistle-Toad Tin Can

1985 Miste-Toad tin can

In 1984, before the concept of the Toad Patrol series had even been thought up, George Sarson created his first character, Mistle-Toad.[1] Shortly after that, he began to sell chocolate-coated candies named after the fictional toad. The Mistle-Toad trademark for the treats was deposited in 1987 under George Sarson's father's name, Edward Sarson. The candy was sold under the Edward Sarson Productions Inc. company name and ran until 1995.[2][3]

During the production, a round tin can 2"1/2 deep and with a 6"1/2 diameter was used to issue the Mistle-Toad chocolates. The theme of the box was called "World Peace" and featured an illustration on top of the lid with Mistle-Toad and a Tunnel Toad guiding young toadlets through a Toad Tunnel. The company's motto, "The absolute core of happiness", was written on the side of the can alongside a short story and a few words from the company.[4]

Short story

At the tunnel we see Mistle-Toad helping others hop up a natural stone staircase as he offers each toadlet his hand. Consumed by a brilliant light as if passing into a new dimension or beginning a new life Miste-Toad, the Tunnel-Toad and the Toadlets take on very distinctive apparel and appear to have gained dignity and bearing. So herein lies the basis for a toad tale to end all and in the process a celebration of world peace.

Company message

Mistle-Toad sees the innocence in our mistakes and teaches us to realize the strength and dignity we all possess within ourselves. Haddington/Sarson believes the qualities of Mistle-Toad are inherent in every person.

Stuffed toys and more treats

Toad patrol cream pops

After the Mistle-Toad chocolates, the Edward Sarson Productions Inc. company applied for three other trademark brands, although with less success.

The first was another Mistle-Toad brand for a toad plush toy. It was deposited in 1989 and then cancelled in 1995.[5][6] Surprisingly, the brand application for the plush was also filed in 1992 in Canada. Along with the toy, other toad themed products were planned, such as shirts, storybooks, posters, pins and figurines. The trademark registration lasted until 2010 when it failed to be renewed on time.[7]

The second is a Toad Patrol brand for Toad Patrol themed ice cream novelties. It was deposited at an unclear date and no products were made under that brand. No statement of use was ever filed, causing the trademark to be abandoned in 1995.[8]

In 1992, another trademark was filed under the same name, this time for Toad Patrol themed cream pops. The application was officially registered in 1993 and lasted until 2000.[9][10]


  • The illustration on top of the chocolate tin box is the very first appearance of the Mistle-Toad character. He served as a basis for the Toad Patrol series and the current Mistle Toad.[1]

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