Gender: Female
Species: Bird of prey
Location: Great Forest
Friends and Family
Earth Star
Mistle Toad
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"

Medea is a bird of prey that lives in the Great Forest. She's one of the recurrent villains of the show, relentlessly chasing after the Toad Patrol throughout the series.

Physical appearance

Most likely based on the Osprey, Medea is quite large in size. Her upperparts are entirely brown, while her underparts and neck are white. The tips of her wings are a darker brown while markings also form sort of a mask around her eyes and streak down both sides of her neck. Medea also sports a little mohawk of brown feathers on top of her head.


Since Medea doesn't speak, her personality is exclusively shown through her actions. She behaves mostly like any other wild animal, with a few distinct traits brought out from time to time. She can be quite tenacious when hunting the Toad Patrol, since she's able to spot them nearly anywhere they go. Depending on the situation, Medea can also prove to be quite intelligent.[1]


  • Medea appears in the very first episode of the show, but isn't named onscreen until the second.[2][3]
  • Out of all the characters in the show, Medea is one of the very few who doesn't speak at all.
  • Since most birds migrate South during the winter, it is possible Medea does the same. That would explain why she's absent for the first half of the second season.
  • Medea is named after the enchantress Medea of Greek mythology, who is known for her jealousy and cruelty.


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