Jubil & Jeremiah
Gender: Males
Species: Lizards
Location: Great Forest; Stay Away Place
Friends and Family
Earth Star
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Stay Away Place"
Jubil: We're Jubil... and Jeremiah, and...
Jeremiah: This is our home!
Jubil: We're... brothers.

— Jubil and Jeremiah, "Stay Away Place"

Jubil and Jeremiah are two lizard brothers who live in the Great Forest, near the Stay Away Place. They mostly stick to the shadows, but turn out to be a great help to the Toad Patrol.[1] The taller lizard with a green vest is Jubil while the rounder one with the red jacket is Jeremiah.


Although they might appear intimidating, Jubil and Jeremiah are simply misunderstood due to their mysterious nature. They prefer dark and gloomy environments, and would rather avoid leaving their home unless absolutely necessary.[1] They also speak in a very particular manner, scrambling a sentence into several individual parts spoken in turn between them.[1] But despite their odd behavior, the two brothers are helpful and kind. 

Memorable quotes

The Stay Away Place

  • Jubil: "What do we want is..."
    Jeremiah: "If you have an answer..."
    Jubil: "A question for you."
  • Jeremiah: "Earth Star? We know him as..."
    Jubil: "The singer of songs..."
    Jeremiah: "The one who visits often."
  • Jeremiah: "Beauty Stem said..."
    Jubil: "To warn of danger..."
    Jeremiah: "Get out of tree."


  • Jeremiah speaks with a slight lisp while Jubil has more of a slithery voice.[1]


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