Fur Foot
Fur Foot
Gender: Male
Age: 1 season old
Species: Toad
Group role: Leader
Friends and Family
Beauty Stem
Elf Cup
Shaggy Mane
Puff Ball
Slippery Jack
Panther Cap
Earth Star
Mistle Toad
Love interests:
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"
Voiced by:
Terrence Scammell
Hop to it!

— Fur Foot, "One for All"

Fur Foot (voiced by Terrence Scammell) is the leader and the eldest of the Toad Patrol. He has a strong sense of leadership and does everything in his power to get all of his siblings safely to Toad Hollow. He sometimes doubts in his abilities, but family and friends are always near to help him realize how important his role is within the group.

Physical appearance

Fur Foot, because of his age, stands the tallest of his group. He has blue eyes and a red Mohawk on top of his head. He also wears brown and furry overalls held up by a single strap made out of a leaf stem. He also carries around an animal fingernail that he slips on the edge of his pants.



As the leader of the Toad Patrol, Fur Foot demonstrates a strong sense of judgment and remains humble and kind toward others. If he ever makes a mistake, he can easily admit his faults and will do anything to correct the situation.[1][2][3] He has earned the respect of all the other Toad Patrol members thanks to his leadership and his ability to always look onward despite obstacles. Fur Foot is also very courageous, a quality that becomes more obvious as the story progresses.

However, Fur Foot is also known to be quick-tempered and quite pushy at times, as first seen in "One for All" where he claims he has to be leader because he's the oldest. He also tends to patronize the other toadlets (Oyster and Slippery Jack the most) because of their young age.[4] But despite this, he values everyone's feedback and ideas as well as their abilities. No matter what, Fur Foot always has the Toad Patrol's safety as his top priority.


Although Fur Foot possesses no magical powers whatsoever, his innate abilities easily make up for it. He appears to be the most fit of the toadlets, always ready to make a run for it or scale a waterfall whenever need be.[5][6] His quick thinking and leadership skills have also come in handy several times throughout the series. He's able to think up a plan on a whim, even under pressure.[4][7]


Given to him by Mistle Toad,[1] Fur Foot's tool of choice is a hook made out of an animal claw. He uses it mostly to reach far-off objects[1] or to help him scale obstacles.[6] It can also be thrown like a boomerang[1] or used as a cutting tool.[7] When paired with Shaggy Mane's coil, his claw becomes a handy grappling hook.[5][8]

Relations with other characters


Beauty Stem

Beauty Stem being the second oldest toadlet of the Toad Patrol, Fur Foot shares a close relationship with her. He often goes to her for advice and will always listen to whatever she has to say. They feel the same level of responsibility towards the rest of the group and would both do anything for their younger siblings.

Elf Cup

Since Fur Foot and Elf Cup have very similar personalities, they share a good relationship but also quarrel often. Elf Cup's carefree attitude has irritated Fur Foot on more than one occasion, mostly during the first season.[1][9][10] He often has to lecture her and takes no pleasure running after her whenever she gets into trouble. But despite her flaws, Fur Foot often pairs up with her on missions.[7][11] Their relationship greatly improves as Elf Cup gains maturity throughout the series.

Shaggy Mane

Fur Foot seems in good terms with Shaggy Mane, although a bit short-tempered towards him. This is mostly due to Shaggy Mane's tendency of getting into trouble (albeit accidentally) and slowing the group down due to his clumsiness.[12] But as the series advances, Fur Foot shows appreciation towards Shaggy Mane's efforts all the same and values his role in the team.

Puff Ball

Fur Foot and Puff Ball have a close relationship, mostly because the younger toadlet shares the same level of maturity of his older brother. Although Puff Ball's sarcastic remarks irritate Fur Foot from time to time,[12] they are often seen working together and are nearly always paired up during missions.[3][4][13] They complement each other well as a team, often regarded as the brain and the brawn when acting as a duo.


Since Oyster is the second youngest member of the group, Fur Foot has the tendency of patronizing her and not taking her seriously.[3][4][5] However, he gradually softens up and realizes her potential. As the story goes on, Fur Foot learns to respect Oyster's input and desire to help.

Slippery Jack

Just like with Oyster, Fur Foot tends to overprotect Slippery Jack and overlook his potential during the first season.[3][4][5] However, he soon realizes how much he can contribute to the team, especially when it comes to drawing maps and thinking up plans.

Panther Cap

Because Panther Cap is the youngest of the group and the team's only means of reaching Toad Hollow, Fur Foot tends to overprotect him at times, although never as much as Beauty Stem. But despite his protective nature, Fur Foot fully trusts in Panther Cap's instincts and will always believe what he says, especially when a Thunder Tree is involved.


Earth Star

Fur Foot seems to share a good relationship with Earth Star despite having doubts about him during their first encounter.[12] He quickly looks past this skepticism though, and befriends the toadlet. Fur Foot gladly accepts Earth Star's help whenever he needs it.

Mistle Toad

Like most of the other toadlets, Fur Foot has a good relationship with Mistle Toad. When he finds himself at a loss, he doesn't hesitate to seek the toad's guidance, and is in turn always ready to help him out.[1][14] It's thanks to Mistle Toad's wise advice that Fur Foot assumes his duties as leader.[1]

Love Interest


Despite their difference in species, Fur Foot and Calypso share a strong bond, possibly to a romantic level. Although Fur Foot first tries to avoid her due to an unpleasant past encounter with a frog, he quickly overcomes his prejudice and takes a shine to her.[6][15] He highly values her company despite her affiliation to the egoistical Barnaby.

Memorable quotes

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  • Fur Foot's name and design is based on the velvet mushroom (Flammulina velutipes), which has a brown velvety coating on its stem.
  • In French, Fur Foot is named Fortiche, which is a term that can be roughly translated to "smart" or "clever."



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