Elf Cup
Elf Cup 2
Gender: Female
Age: 1 season old
(third oldest)
Species: Toad
Group role: Musician
Friends and Family
Fur Foot
Beauty Stem
Shaggy Mane
Puff Ball
Slippery Jack
Panther Cap
Mistle Toad
Toad Tunnel
Love interests:
Earth Star
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"
Voiced by:
Nancy Neilson
Dawn Ford
Let's have some fun!

— Elf Cup, "The Fire"

Elf Cup (voiced by Nancy Neilson and Dawn Ford) is the third oldest of the Toad Patrol and also a musician. She's very adventurous and has many leadership skills just like her elder brother Fur Foot.[1] However, she tends to get into trouble often and is known to be rather stubborn and immature.[2][3][4]

Physical appearance

Like many of the female characters in the show, Elf Cup has an outfit designed with many floral elements. She wears a blue daisy-like flower on the back of her head and a skirt made of four pink petals. Her eyes are blue, just like the rest of her family, and stands a little shorter than Fur Foot. After an encounter with a Tunnel Toad, she starts carrying around a penny whistle that she straps to her waist with a sheath made out of leaves.[5]


Although Elf Cup is one of the eldest toadlets of the group, it doesn't stop her from showing off her wild side. She tends to be rather loud and enjoys going on adventures, either on her own or with someone else.[2][4] She's also very playful, always encouraging her siblings to cut loose and have some fun from time to time. She acts a bit like a tomboy, ready to jump into the mud at any given time and never afraid to get dirty.[6]

Because of her rambunctious personality, Elf Cup easily gets into trouble, especially during the first season.[2][3][4] She also quarrels often with Fur Foot and Beauty Stem early on in the series, mostly because she doesn't like to be bossed around.[2][3][4] Her stubbornness is a source of irritation within the group, but as their adventure progresses, she becomes more mature and takes her role as one of the eldest more seriously. When Beauty Stem is unable to care for the younger toadlets, Elf Cup usually takes on that role.[1]



Even though Elf Cup lacks strength and quick-wit, she does have a talent of her very own: music. The first time she plays her personal instrument, she understandably can't carry a tune due to her inexperience.[5] But she quickly picks up on her skills (thanks to some encouragement from Earth Star) and improves dramatically throughout the series,[7] to the point where she can play a melody on the top of her head without practice.[1][8]


In "The Giver of Names", Elf Cup earns her very own tool, a hollow reed that looks like a flute that she calls a "tooter." A Tunnel Toad gives it to her as a parting gift. Although the instrument's utility is questioned throughout the first season, it becomes of great importance during the second.[9] Elf Cup mostly uses it to lift everyone's spirit when in a gloomy mood,[7] or to play a lullaby during the night.[1] Once, she even tried to lure Erebus to sleep with one of her tunes.[10]



Fur Foot

Despite their quarrels early on in the series, Elf Cup and Fur Foot actually get along rather well. They both show leadership qualities, which is often the cause of their arguments.[2][11] But as they continue their adventure, Elf Cup softens up towards Fur Foot and even sympathizes with him whenever he feels he has failed at something or made a mistake.[1][12] In the end, she fully trusts him as their leader.[2]

Beauty Stem

To Elf Cup, Beauty Stem is mostly naggy and a spoilsport. She even feels a little jealous of her older sister due to Earth Star openly crushing on her. But Elf Cup soon realizes that Beauty Stem is simply looking after everyone, a realization that comes in full swing in the second season when Elf Cup is forced to take care of the younger toadlets after the group gets separated.[1] Because of their tight bond, Elf Cup even takes Beauty Stem's defence when she sees Earth Star flirt with Penny Bun despite her own crush on the toadlet.[13]

Shaggy Mane

Whenever Elf Cup's up to something, Shaggy Mane is usually not far behind. Both of them love to have fun and wouldn't think twice about going on a hectic slide ride or rolling down a hill together.[2][11][14] Elf Cup is also the first to recognize that her brother has a knack for naming things and making up poems on the fly.[2]

Puff Ball

Because they have very conflicting personalities, Elf Cup and Puff Ball don't usually get along too well.[4][5] They do care for each other though, and have been shown to occasionally put aside their differences in order to advance on their journey, or simply to have a bit of fun.[6][15]


Since they both share the same kind of energy, Elf Cup and Oyster get along rather well. They often play together with the younger toadlets[4][14] and obviously enjoy each other's company. Just like Fur Foot, Elf Cup can sometimes patronize Oyster and her twin brother,[11] which is her way of voicing her concern for them.

Slippery Jack

Although her bond with Slippery Jack isn't as strong as the one she shares with Oyster, Elf Cup looks after the twin just the same. She often plays games with him when the opportunity arises,[4][14] but also tends to patronize him, especially when she's in a position of leadership.[1][11] She does, however, fully recognize his strength as a pathfinder.[16]

Panther Cap

From the beginning, Elf Cup realizes full well that Panther Cap is very important to the group's survival. As such, she takes care of him whenever Beauty Stem can't.[1] On one occasion, she even suggests giving herself up to Erebus in order to free Panther Cap who got trapped by the snake.[10]


Mistle Toad

Because of Mistle Toad's age and experience, Elf Cup respects him and usually listens to his teachings. However, there has been at least one instance where she deliberately ignored his wise advice out of stubbornness.[4] Nevertheless, she values the toad's input and wouldn't hesitate to help him when he needs it.

Tunnel Toad

Upon hearing him play the flute, Elf Cup quickly becomes enamoured by the first Tunnel Toad the group encounters on their travels. She's mostly enchanted by the toad's instrument, which she accepts gleefully when he offers it to her by giving him a peck on the cheek.[5] She has sinced kept it very close to her heart, but has yet to reunite with the toad. 

Love Interest

Earth Star

When Elf Cup first meets Earth Star, she's immediately taken by him due to their shared interest in music.[5] Throughout the first season, she often tries to get closer to him in hopes of forging a romantic relationship, but ultimately fails due to Earth Star crushing on Beauty Stem instead.[4][7][8][14] Despite this, their friendship remains strong.

Memorable quotes

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  • Elf Cup's name comes from the scarlet elf cup, a red mushroom that grows in a cup-like shape (which has a striking resemblance to her skirt).
  • In French, Elf Cup's name is Fleur Bleue, which literaly translates to "blue flower."



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