Earth Star
Earth star 2
Gender: Male
Age: 2 seasons old
Species: Toad
Profession: Minstrel
Location: Great Forest; Toad Hollow
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Mistle Toad
Jubil & Jeremiah
Love interests:
Beauty Stem
Penny Bun
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Giver of Names"
Voiced by:
Michael O'Reilly
If they can't go, it wouldn't be right if I did.

— Earth Star, "The Fairy Ring"

Earth Star is a minstrel toadlet born a season before the Toad Patrol. He wanders around the Great Forest just like Mistle Toad, going wherever his feet take him. Because of this, he has many connections spread throughout the forest and never hesitates to call on their help when needed.[1] Earth Star is also the only toadlet to have ever returned to normal after being turned into a Toadstool, although the reasons for this are still unknown.

Physical appearance

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Earth Star

Even if he's older than them, Earth Star stands about as tall as Beauty Stem and Fur Foot. He wears a red bracelet on his left wrist and a blue vest with a green leaf collar that covers the back of his head. He also has a pair of blue sunglasses with a stick frame. He always carries around his banjo, which he slings around his shoulders with a vine. He also has bright blue eyes, just like the members of the Toad Patrol.


Friendly and optimistic from the get-go, Earth Star proves himself to be a very helpful ally to the Toad Patrol. Although he keeps his distances at first, he never denies the group's company and will gladly lend a hand whenever he is needed.[1][2][3][4] The Toad Patrol often look up to him because of his experience in the Great Forest and his quick-thinking. He visibly cares a lot for his friends, a sentiment that could have stemmed from a new feeling of belonging after the loss of his previous toadlet group. He will always put the problems of others before his own.[3][4][5][6]


Although Earth Star doesn't possess any extraordinary abilities, his talent in music is undeniable. He can come up with short melodies on the fly[2] and even performs a full instrumental to one of Beauty Stem's lullabies.[1] In one instance, he also improvises an entire song to distract a rat and gives his friends enough time to escape.[6] Earth Star is even capable of reading and interpreting music onto an instrument that he has never played before.[7]

Other than his musical talent, Earth Star also possesses a lot of experience concerning living in the forest. He's still lacking in that regard,[4] but his current knowledge has helped the Toad Patrol on more than one occasion.[1][2] It is also possible that Earth Star is an adept climber since he is often seen hanging around on high tree branches.[1][2][3]


Like the rest of the Toad Patrol, Earth Star has his own unique tool: a makeshift banjo that he calls a "strumalong."  During the whole series, it is never mentioned whether he acquired it from someone or if he built it himself (although the latter appears more plausible). It is made out of an acorn shell, some twigs, and a few strings.

Toadstool history

Just like many other toadlets before him, Earth Star came out of his pond too late to take part in the Great Migration.[2] Fortunately, he paired up with other lost toadlets and went searching for the Fairy Ring in order to reach Toad Hollow.[2] On the last day of the season, his group actually managed to find the portal.[3] But because Earth Star was distracted singing a new song, he got tangled in a thorn bush and had to be pulled out by the others.[4] This caused the entire group to miss the Fairy Ring, which closed, and turned everyone into Toadstools.[3][4]

In a strange twist of fate, Earth Star woke up as a toadlet at the beginning of the next migration season. Feeling guilty for causing his friends to miss the Fairy Ring, he decided to live in the forest, thinking it wouldn't be right for him to go to Toad Hollow if his friends couldn't.[4]

It remains unknown why exactly Earth Star turned back into a toadlet, even to this day.

Fears and paranoia

Although Earth Star often brushes off the fact that he was once a Toadstool (so far as to state that he's willing to let it possibly happen again),[2] the truth is that the event deeply affected him. He actually developed anxieties surrounding his experience, which are first manifested in "The Stay Away Place" when he refuses to cross the area where his friends turned into Toadstools. His distress becomes even more evident after he enters Toad Hollow[4] and learns to enjoy a carefree life.[8] Out of fear of reverting back into a Toadstool, he resists leaving the haven on two separate occasions.[5][8] When he is confronted about it by Fur FootElf Cup and Puff Ball, he breaks into his first and only emotional outburst of the entire series.[5] In the end, Earth Star ultimately faces his fears and stays true to himself. When the inevitable comes to happen, he puts the Toad Patrol's safety before his and calmly accepts his fate.[6]

Relations with other characters

Toad Patrol

Fur Foot

Despite Fur Foot having doubts about Earth Star during their first meeting,[2] both have long since looked past it and act friendly towards each other. Earth Star never questions Fur Foot's leadership skills, but will gladly share any tips or give out advice to the toadlet.

Elf Cup

Because Elf Cup shares his affinity to music, Earth Star has a stronger bond with her than the others. He often compliments her music[1][2]and always responds to the call of her flute.[2][9] Despite this, Earth Star doesn't seem to realize Elf Cup's crush on him, or simply just ignores it.[10]

Shaggy Mane

Although they share very few moments together, Earth Star and Shaggy Mane seem to get along well. This is mostly due to the events that occurred in "The Giver of Names" where Earth Star sees the good in Shaggy Mane instead of the bad and gives him purpose within the Toad Patrol.

Puff Ball

Much like with Fur Foot, Earth Star ignores the distrust Puff Ball first manifests towards him when the two meet for the first time.[2] Even as the story progresses, the minstrel never reacts to Puff Ball's teasing and treats him as a good friend all the same.


Throughout the series, there aren't many occasions where Earth Star and Oyster spend much time together. However, it is safe to assume that he considers her a good friend, just like the rest of the Toad Patrol. Whenever Oyster calls Earth Star "mushy" due to his advances on Beauty Stem, the minstrel simply ignores it.

Slippery Jack

Despite the fact they never conversed at length or spent much time together, Earth Star and Slippery Jack still consider each other friends. In "The Crystal Caverns", Earth Star is the one that gives the toadlet his "pathfind" kit, which becomes important to his role in the group.

Panther Cap

Because of the events that occured in "The Fairy Ring", Earth Star and Panther Cap share a special bond. Not only did he confide about his past to Panther Cap (which he had never done before or since to anyone), but he's also the reason the toadlet made it to Toad Hollow in the first place.[4] Earth Star threw everything away just to help Panther Cap reach the Fairy Ring, tightening their friendship.


Jubil & Jeremiah

Since Earth Star often went to the Stay Away Place in the past, he eventually came in contact with its residents, Jubil and Jeremiah. Although they don't appear to be very close friends, it doesn't stop Earth Star from helping them find a new home after a Thunder Tree crashes into their old one.[3]

Mistle Toad

Sharing a somewhat informal friendship with Mistle Toad, Earth Star never misses a chance to throw witty banter at him whenever the older toad gets into trouble.[3] But despite the familiarity between them, Earth Star respects Mistle Toad and will gladly take any advice he may share.[4]


Although it is unclear when they met exactly, Earth Star considers Phoebe an old friend of his.[1] Despite their difference in age, they act chummy towards each other like old peers.[1]

Love Interests

Beauty Stem

From the very moment he laid eyes on her, Earth Star has been visibly enamored by Beauty Stem.[2] He has been flirting with her ever since their first meeting, never deterred by her lack of acknowledgement.[3][4][10] He obviously cares a lot for her, a fact reinforced by his reaction when Beauty Stem becomes dangerously ill after ingesting poisoned water.[9] In the end, his efforts at recognition are rewarded,[5][6] although the state of their relationship is never clearly stated.

Penny Bun

In the absence of Beauty Stem in Toad Hollow, Earth Star turned his flirting towards Penny Bun, who seemed to appreciate the attention.[5] It is unclear if this relationship was serious or not since Earth Star left Toad Hollow not long after it was discovered.

Memorable quotes

Night Fright

  • "Surely, he jests."

The Sacrifice

  • "Fingers, don't fail me now."


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  • Earth Star's name is based on the Gaestrales group of fungi, more commonly known as "earth stars."
  • In French, Earth Star's name is Ménestrel, which is the literal translation for "minstrel."



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