Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Mole
Location: Great Forest
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Rick Jones
Hey, the name's Digger. You know, Digger? Ya get it?

— Digger, "Trapped"

Digger (voiced by Rick Jones) is a grey mole who lives in the Great Forest. He encounters the Toad Patrol while on their journey to the Fairy Ring.[1]


Talkative and somewhat nosy, Digger only seems to be able to get himself and others into trouble. He can be perceived as someone who only looks out for himself since, out of fear and instinct, he reveals to Erebus the location of the Toad Patrol.[1] However, Digger isn't without morals as he is fully aware the whole situation is his fault despite first denying it.[1] In the end, he fully reforms and helps the Toad Patrol escape the snake.[1]

Memorable quotes


  • "You wanna eat me? Me? A dirty old mole? I mean, all this yucky dirt... upset stomach guaranteed!"
  • "Panther Cap, huh? Aw, that's a shame. But what can you do? That rotten snake's a menace. Poor little guy... But you just gotta forget him and get outta here. That snake is real mean."
  • "Go, go, go! Whew, those toadlets are brave. Crazy, but brave."
  • "This is not my fault. What could I do? I had to squeal, I mean... clearly it was a them or me situation, right? Right! Anybody would have done the same thing."
  • "I mean, if they're in some big hurry to get themselves eaten, hey, it's got nothin' to do with me. If only they were cowards, then maybe only the little guy would have to be... (hesitates and stutters) Oh, Mole Holes..."
  • "Boy, you try to be a good mole and help people out and... (sighs) Oh, Mole Hole..."
  • "Hurry, before your loyal and heroic friends loyally and heroically trap themselves!"


  • Digger hates to dig through clay.[1]
  • After rescuing the Toad Patrol, Digger is made an honorary member of the group by Panther Cap.[1]


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