Dawn Ford (photo by Jeremy Bobrow)

Patricia Dawn Ford is a Canadian actress, voice actress, and voice coach. Throughout her career, she has had the chance to work in big budget productions with famed celebrities, like Mirror Mirror (with Julia roberts and Nathan Lane) and Warm Bodies.[1] She has occasionally directed video productions and has gathered a wide array of skills ranging from modelling to performing martial arts.[2] Dawn is a member of ACTRA, Canadian Actors' Equity Association, Union des artistes and SOCAN.[2]

Early life

Dawn enrolled at Concordia University (Montréal, Québec) in 1982 and completed her Bachelor of Arts in Inter-related Arts in 1991 while being the lead singer of the pop band The Perfect Now.[3][4] She later went to Venice, Italy, in 2004 to pursue private studies on Commedia dell'Arte (form of Italian theatre).[3][4]


Acting and voice acting

Although Dawn's acting career officially began in 1986, it didn't really take off until 1996 when she made an appearance on the TV series Sous un ciel variable.[1] She has been very active on the screen ever since, participating in video productions on a practically yearly basis.[1] Her work includes live-action TV series, TV movies, films, shorts, and animated series.[1][2] She even provided the voice of Amanda Bailey in the popular Assassin's Creed III video game.[1] Dawn has also done voiceover work for other projects, such as commercials and public service announcements.[2]

Voice coach

Sometime in the late 2000s, Dawn Ford created the Dawn's Vocal Warm Up CD, an instructional CD made for actors and voice performers.[5] It teaches useful warm up exercices to anyone who uses their voice.[5] She also offers personal coaching sessions in person or by Skype for a modest fee.[5]

Animated roles

Animation Voices Dawn Ford

Animation Voices Dawn Ford

Toad Patrol


  • Emma's Wings: a Bella Sara Tale (2013) - Deru
  • The Legend of Sarila (2013) - Tayara
  • Fishtronaut (2009) - Fishtronaut
  • Monster Buster Club (2008) - Old Lady / Elderly Neighbour / Princess Penny
  • Zoé Kézako (2004) - Super Duper
  • Pinocchio 3000 (2004) - Additional voices
  • The Lost World (2002) - Mina
  • For Better or for Worse (2000) - Additional voices
  • Lion of Oz (2000) - Additional voices
  • A Miss Mallard Mystery (2000) - Mia Pintail
  • Arthur (1999) - Mrs. Molina / Wanda / Boy / Sadie / Cali
  • Mona the Vampire (1999) - Temujin & Mitzie / Miss Dewey
  • The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures (1999) - Cousin MacKenzie / Christos
  • The Little Lulu Show (1999) - Iggy Inch / Mrs. Van Snobb
  • Animal Crackers (1997) - Additional voices


  • Winner of VO Buzz Weekly, Voice Over Star (2012) - With Wyatt Bowen.[6][7]
  • Nominated for Aurora Award, Best Actress (2005) - For her performance as Anetone in Exodus by Joseph Baron.[2][8]
  • Nominated for ACTRA Award, Outstanding Voice Performance (2013) - For her performance as the titular character of Fishtronaut.[9][10]


  • Patricia Dawn Ford usually shortens her name to simply Dawn Ford.

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