Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Species: Toad
Profession: Tunnel Toad
Location: Great Forest; near a gas station
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Anne K. Leger
That's ma'am to you, tad.

— Daphne, "Scooped"

Daphne is a female Tunnel Toad that speaks with a slight southern accent. The Toad Patrol seeks her help when a human takes Oyster and Slippery Jack away in a bucket. She lives in a Toad Tunnel near a gas station.


Although she may appear stern at first, Daphne is actually a very kind-hearted toad. When Fur Foot mistakenly addresses her as a male, she acts offended, but quickly shrugs the matter aside with a laugh.[1] When she sees that the Toad Patrol won't move on without Oyster or Slippery Jack, she tells them where they might find them, even after insisting they were lost forever.[1] She's a bit rough around the edges, but wouldn't hesitate to help out.

In the second season, Daphne is also shown to be very courageous. She rescues Fur Foot without a second thought when he gets trapped in a hole.[2] Later, she helps him again as well as Panther Cap and Shaggy Mane escape Erebus.[2]

Memorable Quotes


  • "Now, what's got your flippers in such a flap?"
  • "Let me guess: Your friends are hopping along, lalalalala, not a care in the world, and all of a sudden WHABAM!"
  • (about the pail that scooped the twins) "Yours was pink, eh? Cute..." 
  • "There's only one thing to do: go on with your business, find the Fairy Ring and forget about your friends."

The Bridge

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  • Among the Tunnel Toads introduced in the series, Daphne is the only female.


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