Gender: Female
Age: Young adult
Species: Skunk
Location: Great Forest
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Giver of Names"
[My name]'s Cleopatra, but I like my friends to call me Cleo.

— Cleopatra, "Scooped"

Cleopatra, or Cleo for friends, is a young female skunk that lives in the Great Forest. Because of her species, many creatures in the woods fear her, including predators and even Erebus.[1] The only exception is Shaggy Mane, with whom she forms a tight bond.[1]


Due to her being a skunk, Cleopatra leads a lonely life. She tells Shaggy Mane that he's lucky to have a family and friends to look after him, something she wishes she had.[1] She admits that she tends to overract due to instincts, which can result in her spraying those who startle her.[1] Once you get to know her, Cleo shows to be a very kind creature that will gladly help those who take the time to befriend her.

Memorable quotes

The Giver of Names

  • (after encountering Shaggy Mane) "Oh no! Not you again!"
  • "Don't give up on [your family] so easily. Not everyone has a family or friends who care about them. Take it from one who knows."
  • "Hey, smelling like I do really cramps your social life."
  • "Of course, I don't have a lot of enemies either. Even Erebus stays away from me. But you, you got a whole family who's probably worried sick about you."
  • "And what do you think [your family's] doing? Marching on their merry way to the Fairy Ring? No! I bet they're looking for you right now!"
  • (teasingly, raising her tail) "Hey, Erebus!"
  • "Well, if you give me a better name than "smell tail", I'll give you all a ride to the next Thunder Tree."


  • When first encountered, Shaggy Mane calls Cleo a "smell tail" due to her odorous defense mechanism.[1]
  • Cleo is named after the famous female pharaoh Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt.


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