Calypso frog
Gender: Female
Age: Young adult
Species: Frog
Location: Great Forest
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Love interests:
Fur Foot
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
And when you meet a toad you don't like, are you going to hate all toads? Including your brother and sister?

— Calypso, "Choices"

Calypso is a young female frog who encounters Fur Foot, Elf Cup and Puff Ball while on their search for another passage through Toad Hollow.[1] Later on, she helps them find one of the instruments needed to play the melody of the Ancients.[2]


From the very beginning, Calypso is shown to be a very patient and kind-hearted frog, unlike her cousin Barnaby.[1][3] This allows her to tolerate the prejudice the Toad Patrol first have towards her, although she is quick to reason with them about their rude behaviour.[1] In the end, Calypso proves to be an incredible asset to the Toad Patrol.

It is also possible that Calypso has romantic feelings for Fur Foot, although this is yet to be confirmed or denied.

Memorable quotes


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Journey's End

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  • The pond in which Calypso lives not only shelters a passage to Toad Hollow, but also the tooter of the Ancients.[1][2]
  • Calypso's name is based on a character in Greek mythology, a sea nymph also called Calypso who lived on a deserted island.


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