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Bryn McAuley is a Canadian actress, voice actress and singer. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bryn Co-founded and Co-chairs an organization called YEAA, the Young Emerging Actors Assembly.[1][2][3] YEAA is ACTRA's Toronto youth community and represents young actors aged between 16 and 27 years old.[1][2][3]

Early lifeEdit

Bryn was born in the early 90s and did her early studies at Vaughan Road Academy.[4] She later enrolled at the Ryerson University in 2010, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Contemporary Studies.[4][5] She is expected to graduate in 2015.[5]


Acting and voice actingEdit

While already exposed to the industry when she was only four,[3] Bryn's acting career officially began when she was six years old, after landing the role of Caillou in the TV series of the same name in 1997.[6][7] She quickly made her mark in the industry, almost participating in at least one animated production a year from then on. Her official debut on the live-action screen was in 1998, in the movie The Sleep Room.[7][8] She is most known for her role as Joanna Carr in the TV movie What Katy Did, which also starred Michael Cera and Allison Pill.[7][8] As she grew up, Bryn transitioned to adult roles and still actively participates in live-action productions to this day.

Aside from screen roles, Bryn has also dabbled in the theatre industry. After a few small roles, she starred as the lead character in Claire, from the Bus by Kjartan Hewitt alongside Ennis Esmer in 2013.[7]

Animated rolesEdit

Bryn McAuley's Neighborhood Trailer - Voices and Impressions01:59

Bryn McAuley's Neighborhood Trailer - Voices and Impressions

Toad Patrol


  • Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race (2015) - Taylor
  • Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild (2014) - Chirpie / Baby Willie
  • Numb Chucks (2014) - Quills
  • Total Drama (season 5) (2014) - Amy / Samey
  • Grojband (2012) - Laney Penn / Larry Nepp
  • Camp Lakebottom (2013) - Suzi
  • The Day My Butt Went Psycho! (2013) - Eleanor Sterne
  • Beyblade: Metal Fusion (2013) - Ren
  • Beyblade: Shogun Steel (2013) - Ren
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (2012) - Princess Lottachoca
  • Crash Canyon (2011) - Roxy Wendell
  • Justin Time (2011) - Princess
  • Arthur (2010) - Capri Divapida
  • Skatoony (2010) - Goldie Pops
  • Stoked (2009) - Caroline
  • Pearlie (2009) - Twinkle
  • Toot & Puddle (2009) - Lilly
  • Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure (2006) - Harriet Turtle
  • Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (2005) - Sam
  • Carl Squared (2005) - Skye Blue
  • 6teen (2004) - Kylie
  • Back to School with Franklin (2003) - Harriet Turtle
  • Girlstuff/Boystuff (2002) - Hanna
  • Angela Anaconda (2002) - Gina Lash
  • Franklin's Magic Christmas (2002) - Harriet Turtle
  • Franklin (2000) - Harriet Turtle / Marmot
  • George Shrinks (2000) - Becky Lopez
  • Anne of Green Gables: the Animated Series (2000) - Anne Shirley / Katie Maurice
  • For Better or for Worse (2000) - April Patterson
  • Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1999) - Karen
  • Medabots (1999) - Erika Amazake
  • The Littlest Seagull and the Cat (1998) - Littlest Seagull
  • Caillou (1997) - Caillou



  • Winner of Toronto Theatre Critics Award (2013) - For her performance as Little Red Riding Hood in Ross Petty's Snow White.[6]

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