Gender: Male
Species: Bat
Location: Temple of Bufonidae; Great Forest
Friends and Family
Toad Patrol
Mistle Toad
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Temple of Bufonidae

Belisarius is an old bat who has elected residence inside the Temple of Bufonidae along with his colony. He believes the ghosts of the Ancients live inside his home, and blames the Toad Patrol for awakening them.[1]


Mysterious and deceitful, Belisarius is an untrustworthy character. He only looks out for himself and his colony. He's also highly superstitious, his belief in ghosts driving him to kidnap the members of the Toad Patrol one by one before attempting to drown them all in sand.[1] In the end, the superstitions get the better of him and he flees the temple, possibly for good.[1]

Memorable quotes

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  • Belisarius is the only member of his colony to wear any kind of garb or accessory, in this case a necklace.
  • While the other bats of the colony are light brown with peach-coloured wing membranes, Belisarius is a combination of grey and dark brown.
  • Belisarius' name is inspired from Flavius Belisarius, a general of the Byzantine Empire.


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