Beauty Stem
Beauty Stem 2
Gender: Female
Age: 1 season old
(second oldest)
Species: Toad
Group role: Healer; second in command
Friends and Family
Fur Foot
Elf Cup
Shaggy Mane
Puff Ball
Slippery Jack
Panther Cap
Mistle Toad
Penny Bun
The Outsider
Love interests:
Earth Star
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "One for All"
Voiced by:
Sonja Ball
Me? A Healer?

— Beauty Stem, "The Healer"

Beauty Stem (voiced by Sonja Ball) is the second oldest of the Toad Patrol and is somewhat of a mother figure for her younger siblings, which places her as second in command. She's considered very beautiful,[1] at least by toad standards, and constantly looks out for all the other toadlets.

Physical appearance

Like most female toads, Beauty Stem has a flower on top of her head. She usually braids the purple petals into a long ponytail to avoid them getting in her face.[2] She wears a green sweater-like top that reaches all the way down to her knees and carries around a red leaf pouch filled with firefly dust. When standing, she's about as tall as Fur Foot. She also shares the blue eyes of her brothers and sisters.



Because of her good nature, Beauty Stem is kind and gentle towards everyone. She's usually the voice of reason, giving advice to the other toadlets and trying her best to keep everyone together. But even though she has everyone's best interest at heart, she can come off as naggy from time to time.[3][4][5] She constantly worries for all the toadlets, but most of all Panther Cap.[2][3][6][7][8][9] She's often seen as overprotective and doesn't realize when she crowds the others. But as the series advances, she gradually gives her siblings more independence, fully aware that each of them are growing up and are very capable on their own.


During the first season, Beauty Stem has very restricted abilities. Aside from her beautiful singing voice,[2][8][10][11] she has very little to contribute to the team, although her presence and efforts are always appreciated by the others. It's only after meeting with The Outsider that she develops new skills and shows an interest in healing.[8] Although she is unsure of her capabilities at first, she eventually becomes more confident in herself and turns out to be a fine healer thanks to The Outsider's teachings.[8] She has voiced interest in staying in the Great Forest in order to pursue this vocation.[12]


Beauty Stem's tool of choice is firefly dust that she carries around in a pouch and calls "shine." It has many uses, mostly as a light source[2][5][10][13][14] and heat source.[8] She can also use it to blind enemies, as seen when she dropped an entire satchel on Erebus.[6]

Relations with other characters


Fur Foot

Since Fur Foot and Beauty Stem are the oldest of the Toad Patrol, both understand each other quite well, forging a strong bond. She often offers him advice and even helps him make sound decisions.[2][3][5] If she ever disagrees, she never hesitates to let him know.[2][13] Whenever Fur Foot is unable to lead, Beauty Stem usually takes his place.[9][15][16]

Elf Cup

Beauty Stem seems to have a close bond with Elf Cup, even if the younger toadlet's behavior is often a source of irritation: Beauty Stem lectures Elf Cup often, teaching her how to properly behave and to keep away from trouble.[2][4][5] But, as Elf Cup matures, Beauty Stem gradually ends her nagging and trusts in her sister's capabilities and leading spirit.[14]

Shaggy Mane

Even if Beauty Stem and Shaggy Mane have very little in common, both seem to share a good relationship. She looks after him just like the other younger toadlets, often lecturing him whenever he causes trouble or needs to be reminded a lesson.[1][5] However, she never overcrowds him as much as the others.

Puff Ball

Despite him being the third youngest, Beauty Stem treats Puff Ball as though they were the same age. She's fully aware of his maturity and independence, so doesn't crowd him as much as the others. When there's tough decisions to make or tough tasks to do, she won't hesitate to ask for his input or help.[5][6][13]


Because Oyster is one of the youngest toadlets, Beauty Stem looks after her closely, sometimes inadvertently babying her in the process.[6][11][17] This fortunately doesn't hinder their relationship, and both of them get along just fine. Whenever Oyster has doubts or fears, Beauty Stem will be there to comfort her.[11]

Slippery Jack

Just like with Oyster, Beauty Stem looks after Slippery Jack very closely and also has the tendency of babying him.[6][17] However, as the series progresses, she eventually comes to acknowledge his desire to help and loosens up towards him. But whenever the young toadlet might need some comfort, Beauty Stem will always be there to provide it.[8]

Panther Cap

Because Panther Cap is the youngest, Beauty Stem constantly looks out for him, creating a tight bond between them. She's always concerned about him, doing whatever she can to comfort him whenever he needs it.[2][3][8] She can even crowd him at times,[9] but as Panther Cap gains maturity, Beauty Stem slowly learns to let him go.[18]


Mistle Toad

Much like the other toadlets, Beauty Stem looks up to Mistle Toad. She would never turn down his advice,[7][15] and even persuaded him to join the Toad Patrol on their last attempt to find the Fairy Ring.[17] Also, if it weren't for Mistle Toad, Beauty Stem would have never met The Outsider.[19]

Penny Bun

As seen in the first episode of the second season, Penny Bun and Beauty Stem get along well.[20] They both share a soft personality and enjoy seeing others happy and carefree.[20] Despite learning of Earth Star flirting with Penny Bun in her absence, Beauty Stem doesn't seem to hold her any ill will.[21]

The Outsider

Although the two didn't meet in the best of circumstances,[19] it is clear that Beauty Stem considers The Outsider as her mentor. When Panther Cap falls ill, Beauty Stem learns how to nurse him back to health from the mysterious toad.[8] She has since held her in high regards and wishes to become a healer just like her.[12]

Love Interest

Earth Star

Beauty Stem and Earth Star share a good but somewhat complicated relationship. When they first meet, Beauty Stem doesn't seem particularly infatuated with the young toad, often ignoring and even refusing his advances.[1][3][5] Nevertheless, she treats him like any other toadlet and cares deeply for his well-being. As the series progresses, she starts to warm up towards him, eventually sharing his feelings.[22]

Memorable Quotes

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  • 0.jpg

    Beauty Stem's name as it appears in the trailer

    Throughout the entire series, Beauty Stem's hair is seen unbraided only once.[2]
  • Beauty Stem was incorrectly named Beauty Star in a Toon Disney trailer for the series.[23]
  • In French, Beauty Stem's name is Prudence, which translates to "caution" or "carefulness."



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